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Time to read6 min
Augmented Reality in Energy and Utilities: Use Cases with Real-Life Examples
Augmented reality in energy and utilities brings many benefits. It refines employee training, improves maintenance, and boosts safety. Check out use cases of AR in the utilities industry and AR in the energy sector with real-life examples.
Time to read6 min
5G-Powered Smart Farming Use Cases
5G lifts smart farming technologies to a new level. We’ll show 5G agriculture use cases where farm IoT devices help manage crops and track livestock in real time. They use sensor data, cloud processing, and AI-based algorithms for real-time farm control
Time to read7 min
5 Applications of Technical Writing in Software Development and Implementation
Technical writing clarifies project scope and simplifies communication in tech and business teams. Check out five real-world examples of technical writing that helped save time and budget in projects.
Time to read8 min
How Startups Use Artificial Intelligence in Surgery
AI in robotic surgery changes the entire medical robotics market. More and more startups bring their innovative robotics into surgery through artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the use of AI in surgery and discover what’s behind the growing demand for such products.
Time to read4 min
A Project Story: Helping a Robotics Startup Prepare Their Product for Launch
A construction robotics startup developed a prototype of their robots and wanted to transform it into a market-ready solution. See how we helped them improve the robot’s functionality and replace an expensive off-the-shelf module.
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Time to read8 min
Blockchain for Business: Five Use Cases With Real-Life Examples
Blockchain for business can replace expensive and inefficient intermediaries. Companies can speed up due diligence, find investors faster, avoid supplier fraud, and much more. Discover five blockchain use cases by industry along with real-world examples.
Time to read6 min
3 Proximity Marketing Examples: What Markets Need
Proximity marketing helps you better understand customer needs to get ahead of the competition. Here are three common proximity marketing examples—from retail to hospitality. See how this approach can help you generate more revenue.
Time to read6 min
3 Examples of Using Computer Vision in Sports
Computer vision in sports changes the game. It helps track players and balls, analyze performance, and prevent injuries. Discover the benefits of computer vision in the sport industry with three promising use cases and real-life examples.
Time to read6 min
Computer Vision in Construction: 3 Use Cases with Real-Life Examples
Computer vision in construction makes projects productive, efficient, and safe. It helps track equipment, automate inspection, and detect hazards. Here are the benefits of computer vision in construction sites with three profitable use cases and real-life examples.
Time to read8 min
Top 5 Quantum Computing Applications
Quantum computing trends are reshaping manufacturing, automotive, pharma, and logistics. But what is quantum computing’s superpower? Find out in our examples of quantum computing applications and the benefits they bring.
Time to read5 min
3 Computer Vision Use Cases in Healthcare
Computer vision in healthcare changes how we analyze medical images, detect and diagnose diseases, and conduct training. To learn more, check out the three most prominent applications of computer vision in healthcare with real-life examples.
Time to read4 min
3 Examples of Using AI and Robotics in Nursing
Robotic nurse assistants come in handy in hospitals, homes, and care homes for the elderly. Here are three promising uses of AI and robotics in nursing and tasks they can help with—from remote diagnostics to smart rehabilitation.
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