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PCB Design and Layout Services

Softeq’s PCB design engineers leverage extensive expertise along with professional design and verification tools to provide almost every type of custom PCB layout service, speeding up the development cycle.

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What We Do

  • Stack-up/Build-up Development

    Internal PCB structure composed of dedicated materials.

  • Transmission Line Configuration

    3D structures, conductivity and impedance profile calculation.

  • Multi-Layer PCB Design

    Building high-density 12+ layer circuits featuring multiple conductive signal layers and power planes.

  • High-Speed PCB Design

    Complex high-speed interface development (multi-GHz SerDes lines, LVDS, DDR 2/3/4 memory, USB, PCIe, SATA, etc.)

  • Radio-Frequency (RF) PCB Design

    Device layout with wireless data exchange functionality (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, etc.)

  • High-Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI)

    PCBs that feature finer lines and spaces; required to employ either blind and buried, or uVIA and via-in-pad technologies for fine-pitch ICs (typically BGAs)

  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Design

    Complex PCB structures comprised of flexible sections used as interconnectors for rigid parts.

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

    Achieving optimal PCB layout to eliminate potential manufacturing issues.

  • Design for Assembly (DFA)

    Using proprietary IPC-compliant PCB libraries to avoid tombstoning and other assembly issues.

What You Get

PCB Design Documentation

CAD/CAM files containing PCB designs with information on the components library and a 3D model of the PCB.

PCB Manufacturing Documentation

A CAD/CAM file and drawings for board production and assembly, compliant with IPC requirements.

Featured Projects

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Tech Stack & Verfied Expertise

Our Know-How
Verified Expertise

All our PCB designs comply with IPC-2581, IPC-2221, PC-4101C, and IPC-6012B requirements, and standards of quality.

Circuit Design

PCB hardware design is a core stage in the electronics design process. Our team of PCB design engineers is fully equipped to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective PCB hardware design solutions and custom PCB design services to meet your requirements. The custom PCB board design phase is an essential step in the hardware design process, meeting the growing demands of the future generation of technology.


Our PCB hardware design professionals have all the required custom PCB board design skills and proprietary verification tools to accelerate the development cycle.