Wearable Technology Development

We will help you design a custom wearable device, support its business logic with a scalable back end, and pair the solution with a mobile app to enable convenient user-to-device interactions. Softeq will also interface your wearable gadget with 3rd-party devices and applications — in the workplace or in a Smart Home.

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Wearable Solutions in Focus

Wearable Device and App Development Services

Wearable Gadget Design

Softeq helps consumer electronics companies balance a wearable gadget’s computing power, desired functionality, and usability. Our services include:

  • PCB layout and design
  • PCB signal, power integrity, and thermal analysis
  • Ergonomic enclosure design

Embedded Software

Our embedded engineers create software that allows wearables to collect data, transfer it to the cloud, and interact with other devices:

  • Custom firmware: bare metal, BSP, DSP, Linux Kernel, AOSP
  • Middleware: ML-based, voice assistants, drivers, SDKs

Back-end Infrastructure

To store, process, and relay sensor data to endpoint devices and user apps, wearable gadgets need a reliable back end. We will help you with:

  • Cloud-based data storage and processing: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Web dashboard development

Mobile Applications

Our wearable technology developers will sync your custom device with a mobile app via APIs and secure connectivity protocols. This provides an opportunity to:

  • Partially shift CPU load to a smartphone
  • Visualize sensor data on a larger screen
  • Manage the device in a convenient manner

Featured Projects

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Our Approach to Wearable Solution Design


To protect a wearable device from being hacked, we implement obligatory user authentication, encrypt data, and use secure connectivity technologies to sync the gadget with apps and servers.



To boost your gadget’s battery and processing power, we’ll optimize the embedded software it is running on. We can also integrate it with a voice assistant or design hands-free interactions based on gesture/motion sensing.



Before the development process starts, we will test your idea, choose the right tech stack and M2M or cloud architecture pattern for the project, and make sure your prototype functions as expected.

How Can We Help?

Full-stack Expertise

Softeq is the ultimate wearable technology development partner for companies looking to prototype and design a production-ready gadget with a complete software ecosystem — regardless of its complexity and form factor. We can build both consumer electronic devices and elaborate solutions supporting industrial operations.

Flexible Approach

Our wearable technology developers can take over your project at any stage, and create either a full-featured solution or single-purpose functional component — on time and in line with your business requirements.

Faster Time to Market

We follow hardware design and software development best practices, including DevOps, to help our customers launch a product sooner, reduce the total cost of ownership, and gather user feedback early on.

Assistance with Mass Production

As part of our new product introduction (NPI) services, we help companies negotiate deals with consumer electronics manufacturers, protect IP rights, and control the hidden costs associated with the development of wearable technology solutions, including supply chain management and device testing.