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Unlocking Device Potential

Stepping into the wearable tech space is connected with a swath of questions to keep in mind: redefined UX, low memory footprint, possible power drains, limited screen real estate, if any, and intermittent connection. Softeq has an eye toward technology: having started from electronics design and embedded software development and expanded into web and mobile directions, today Softeq’s engineers are capable to deliver on hardware, software and networking lines. Such a gamut of skills perfectly fits into the required expertise, rarely found at a single company, to put a wearable technology undertaking into practice, and embraces the following application areas:

  • Wearable cameras
  • Fitness bracelets
  • Activity trackers
  • Vital signs monitors
  • Healthcare devices
  • Fabric-contained devices
  • Shoe-contained devices
  • Surveillance devices
  • Wearable computers
  • Smart watches
  • Smartglasses
  • Virtual and mixed reality devices
  • Augmented Reality headsets
  • Entertainment and smart accessories

Multiple Endpoints, Interaction Options, Use Case Scenarios

Wearable tech ecosystem extends the frontiers of what a conventional user experience is thought of. UX with wearable technology goes far beyond screen boundaries and touch-based controls. Softeq takes advantage of its hands-on experience gained from numerous trailblazing tech collaborations in game and mobile space, featuring AR and VR functionality, gesture controls, eye tracking, motion capture, on-screen information overlays and voice recognition to make the electric design and UX design of a wearable solution a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality — appealing non-intrusive industrial design, intuitive controls, and convenient data visualization.

Be it a consumer-facing product launch or WYOD idea for business or field operation settings, Softeq is ready to scratch the surface with tech feasibility investigation and proof-of-concept apps development. With a complete grasp, we hunker down to implement the tested concept into either a single-purpose or fully-fledged device that captures and processes signals from wearable sensor systems, optimize it for low-power performance getting to the firmware level, build architecture for M2M communication or efficient data exchange between embedded sensors and data storages, and to introduce the most convenient data visualization ways and intuitive controls on the user side.

  • Wearable Devices

    Critical Info at Your Fingertips

    Softeq has worked with a variety of fitness trackers with heart-rate monitors, pedometers, sleep sensors, including the Apple Watch and Android Wear powered devices:

    • Wrist bands
    • Smartwatches
    • Chest straps
    • Clip-ons
    • Earplugs
    • Fabric-contained devices
    • Shoe-contained devices

  • Hands-Free Guidance

    Hands-Free Guidance & Control

    We help companies find efficient use cases in the corporate application of wearables and various attachable data loggers, as well as connected equipment and robotics:

    • AR-equipped scanners
    • Head-mounted displays
    • Smart glasses
    • Smart controller gloves
    • Smart scales
    • Digital concierges
    • Lighting devices and wearable LED-wristbands

  • Alerts

    Remain On the Alert

    We consider safety to be an important use case for wearables. Apart from the emergency apps that can work with sensor data provided by nearly any device mentioned above, Softeq can help develop the potential of:

    • High-tech contact lens
    • Wearable cameras and camera-based accessories
    • Smartglasses
    • Pet tracking collars
    • Surveillance devices

  • Fashionable Tech

    Attired in Fashionable Tech

    Our team offers unique experience of working with precious metals used for enclosure and unconventional form-factors making the future of tech-imbued jewelry:

    • Smart bands for watches
    • Smart bracelets, earrings, and pendants
    • Other fashion accessories with embedded sensors

Tackling Diminutive Device Limitations Head-on

Since its early days Softeq has been creating hardware design and low-level system solutions to maximize the efficiency of innovative electronic devices, and boasts in-depth driver development knowledge to address the key points, connected with design and development of wearable solutions:

  • Reliability and durability
  • User-friendly device design
  • Extended sensory UX
  • Battery heating
  • Performance
  • Network continuity

Awards and Recognition


Circumventing Inherent OS Constraints

Softeq accumulates a few decades of firmware and embedded development experience to successfully solve issues that lie at the heart of wearables. In the first place, the Softeq team has the required qualifications to get down to the system level to customize it, bypass performance constraints or extend the capabilities of innovative gadgets, powered by an embedded OS or RTOS from Embedded Linux and Android Wear to Windows CE, Nucleus RTOS, FreeRTOS, and others. On a separate note, Softeq is an official licensee of Apple’s MFi Program testifying to our capabilities to deliver integrated solutions for gadgets connected to iOS devices.

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