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Our ML expertise is the foundation of our Computer Vision service offering. We will find the best way to address your challenges by crafting tailored recognition processes and multi-parameter analysis solutions no matter what project you are envisaging: an industrial automation visual inspection (AVI) platform, an advanced CCTV system or image-based analytics tool implementation.

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Solutions for Object, Movement, and Pattern Recognition

Softeq offers a whole gamut of computer vision development services around image retrieval and object detection solutions, featuring high processing speed without sacrificing performance by:

  • Building powerful CV systems that perform image classification, localization and pixel-level segmentation
  • Applying CV, ML and DL methods for face analysis, gesture and movement recognition, and machine vision
  • Developing task-oriented algorithms for background separation, digital filtering, noise suppression and shadow removal to achieve a higher degree of image accuracy
  • Designing features and classifiers for pattern matching

Object Tracking

We employ object tracking algorithms to deliver computer vision solutions, which are equally effective at detecting an object in a video and analyzing temporal information for trajectory prediction:

  • Multi-camera systems with tools to locate an object in a video sequence
  • Custom neural networks and tracking algorithms for single and multi-oriented object tracking

Video Content Analysis

To kick-start your image analysis project and automate the interpretation of aggregated video content, Softeq delivers:

  • Action recognition systems to detect activities or certain content (nudity, smoking, etc.) in a video frame, and trigger a specific action (alert, start/stop command)
  • Distributed algorithms for complex real-time video content analysis over large-scale camera networks or client-server systems
  • Implemented trajectory prediction tools for CV neural networks to empower drones and driverless cars with image processing capabilities
  • Analytics tools working in the cloud, in servers on-premise and on the edge (in camera or encoder)

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Photo Apps and Digital Imaging

Apart from object classification, segmentation, and other machine vision solutions, Softeq has a large portfolio of AI apps with advanced filters and digital photo editors based on face recognition, image processing and edge detection. Computer vision solutions allow users to retouch their photos, edit backgrounds, and add stickers and masks to their shots.

Custom software for Diverse Camera Types

Softeq's machine vision systems include management software for all types of cameras from drone-mounted to IP and stationary. Extending hardware capabilities with HD video and imagery recording and analysis, we deliver 24/7 video surveillance service, often in extreme conditions and in inaccessible places.