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Camera App Development: Making the Best Use of GPU

We offer unmatched expertise in GPU-powered solutions with high-speed parallel calculations of massive data critical. Solutions for wearables and connected cameras, digital imaging software, camera utilities and mobile PoCs involving video streaming, custom metadata overlays and instant multimedia processing on web and mobile — Softeq experts are here to help.

  • OpenCV
  • OpenCL
  • CUDA
  • OnVif
  • OpenGL
  • Direct3D
  • Mantle
  • Cg

Multipurpose Software Transforming Digital Signal into Actionable Data

Our company has been a tech partner of a GPU manufacturing leader NVIDIA since 2008 with first-hand access to the next gen technologies in GPU computing. Our engineers are proficient in building both applications for mass market cameras and video software solutions for commercial use of cameras. Expert in data and storage optimization, real-time media streaming, high performance digital signal processing (DSP), Softeq builds sophisticated custom software taking on responsibilities on development and implementation of the full cycle solutions from embedded software and camera utilities, through web services, web portals with a single point of access and a back-end along with analytics of any complexity required, and mobile apps designed for management of the whole system at hand.

Photo Apps and Digital Imaging

Apart from video processing, analytics and video streaming solutions, Softeq offers design and development of sleek and trendy photo apps with advanced filters, social networks integration, and augmented reality features. Go to our mobile project portfolio for sample work we’ve done.

Computer Vision Solutions — Video Processing and Video Analytics

We tap into the industry at many levels — from complex math modeling and rapid prototyping to building comprehensive business solutions from scratch — working with a variety of camera types and carrying out complex video pre- and post-processing procedures. While catering for diverse business needs of our clients, Softeq team added to its project portfolio a handful of smart solutions for video processing and analytics that serve different purposes. Softeq engineers are qualified to design custom hardware components and sensors extending the functional capabilities of the camera-powered equipment.

  • Movement Recognition

    Movement Recognition

    Giving credit to our long-standing global sports giants, we’ve acquired expertise in movement and gesture capturing, high-speed full HD recording and slowmo playback, batch processing, integration with social networks. Such apps smoothly accomplish both frame-based image analysis and multi-parameter video analysis.

  • Object Tracking

    Object Tracking and VCA

    Our service offering for retailers includes development of custom camera apps designed for in-store marketing and buyer management purposes. Smart solutions featuring behavioral analytics help retailers optimize their in-store display and promotion campaigns providing trajectories of movements, places with traffic jams, analyzing response to ads that eventually affect sales. Similarly, video analytics solutions help detect stressed people or potential infringers in large public areas.

  • Video

    Video Surveillance

    Softeq’s engineers help clients looking to build custom software solutions that support Motion JPEG streamers for HTTP channels, PoE/PoE+ standards, and digital I/O interaction. Often, such solutions are leveraged to extend the ROI of the following video surveillance equipment:

    • IP cameras with video content analytics (VCA) and edge storage
    • Primary detection systems on DSP (digital signal processing) for perimeter security
    • Network cameras and video recorders

  • Camera Mng

    Camera Management

    Softeq’s experience covers above all engineering the following solutions for remote camera management:

    • Tracking solution that broadcasts video stream showing the background area while excluding moving parts from the foreground
    • Custom algorithms for zoom level calculation
    • Low-noise and precise camera motion solutions with sub-pixel accuracy

Metadata Synchronization and Overlays

Softeq team employs metadata synchronization or overlays for automation of processing and documenting large amounts of multimedia content, enabling to reduce manual user workload and keep the dataset continuously up-to-date. Experienced in resolving complex technical issues, Softeq offers video content providers, IPTV and digital advertising business to leverage its expertise to build smoothly functioning video content management solutions that allow:

  • employing custom metadata libraries
  • precise linking of metadata to the timeline
  • attaching promo clips to videos differing in resolution, codecs used and shooting speed
  • testing the feasibility of innovative ideas, such as new technologies for traffic volume optimization etc.

Intelligent Object Processing and Face Recognition

Softeq's R&D team continuously exploring the cutting edge of lens and processor production was among the very few to access and investigate the capabilities of Google Glass, resulting in a successful delivery of demo app. Employing our multi-faceted tech proficiency, Softeq is deeply engaged in the development of object recognition software processing video files captured from cameras mounted on drones. Drone videos enable an increasingly efficient 3D modelling employing voxel data visualization and analysis.

Pattern Recognition

Being an integral part of machine learning and statistics, taking its roots in artificial intelligence and engineering, pattern recognition serves as a basis for an evolving development within a number of technical and R&D domains. Softeq has extensive experience of working with sensor retrieved data and math modeling to deliver efficient video surveillance solutions that would control certain spaces and territories based on pre-set parameters and patterns to be recognized.

Custom Software for Diverse Camera Types

  • Drone-mounted Cameras

    Drone-mounted Cameras

    Softeq is proud to have accumulated hands-on experience in building innovative software products that use drone-mounted cameras to record and analyze high definition video and imagery to automate a whole business process and cut costs. Contact us for a free quote for such cost-efficient tools for perimeter security inspection and equipment defects tracking, especially in extreme conditions and in inaccessible places.

  • Wearables

    Wearable and Smartphone Cameras

    As an expert in hardware design and a Top Wearable App Developer of 2015, Softeq like no other tech firm on the market knows how to reveal and put to work the maximum potential of hardware components of tiny cameras and low-power GPUs of a mobile or wearable device. Knowing the devices on a level as low as a semiconductor, Softeq delivers elegant technical solutions to help you successfully meet the business goals.

  • IP Cameras

    IP Cameras

    Our team builds apps performing secure video streaming through an Internet/Ethernet connection. Often in demand on production and construction sites, by retail chains, banks, and law enforcement units, such software with IP cameras used as data source helps reduce human resource expenses while delivering 24/7 video surveillance service.

  • Cameras

    Stationary Cameras

    Extending stationary camera capabilities, Softeq is experienced in developing solutions that require optical flow calculation and camera motion management. Our engineers will suggest the best way to remotely manage, ensure low noise and maintain stable connection to broadcasting cameras with changeable zoom that can rotate around two axes and deliver sub-pixel accuracy.

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