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not in texas?

There couldn’t be less of a problem!

Softeq practices
what it preaches

Creating the technology that helps other industries innovate, we are always one step ahead with the best products on the market. We are among the first Beta testers of what the technology world has given thumbs-up rating to. Software solutions that have blurred physical boundaries and opened up new horizons for efficient communication and collaboration both in business and personal space make up our habitual toolset. Using them is part of our daily routine. You can trust we’ll make remote collaboration as smooth as if we were sitting at the same discussion table!

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    We follow a clockwork process driven by the best PM practices and set up the most productive online collaboration environment to spitball project ideas, cooperate on your solution development, track progress, share project documentation (JIRA, Redmine, Zendesk, Apache Subversion, Perforce, Git etc.)
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    We hold video conferences (, WebEx, etc.), hop on regular update calls (Skype, IP phones, Twilio) and be in regular correspondence via email and IM chats (Skype, Slack, etc.) to walk you through the flow of your project, discuss concerns, plans and your requirements. We'll also arrange business trips to your company, when necessary.
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    We’ve successfully delivered 300+ projects to customers based outside Texas, have 20 years of experience of working in geographically distributed environments, are no strangers to simultaneously managing up to 5 development teams located in the far-flung corners of the world.