Sustainable Energy Solutions

Going sustainable can lower operational costs, open new markets, attract eco-friendly partners, and build customer loyalty. However, it requires adapting to strict environmental rules and making big changes. Luckily, there are already smart sustainability solutions that offer incremental yet impactful changes to your operations. At Softeq, we're experts in helping businesses reduce their environmental impact. We've got everything you need to get started. Discover how our sustainability services can support you.

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Sustainable Energy Solutions We Help Create

Solutions for Calculating GHG Emissions

If you need help creating a solution for calculating GHG emissions, you’re in the right place. We can help you develop a custom GHG emissions calculation tool from scratch. Or, if you’re looking to make your existing solution more flexible, we’ll migrate it to the cloud. Additionally, our engineers will ensure your solution will operate smoothly in your environment, be it Azure Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or on-premise. Our team can implement solutions based on different models and tools, including the following: 

  • GREET (Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation) model
  • OFP (Open Footprint Forum™) emission calculation data model
  • OSDU (Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ Forum) data platform
  • Microsoft technologies: Microsoft Data Energy Services, MS Sustainability Manager, and Power BI integration for Azure consumption calculation
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Softeq is a member of the Global Footprint Forum. See how we’re contributing to a new global standard for GHG calculation.
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Greener Solutions for Traditional Energy Sectors

If you need a sustainable solution for a business in the traditional sector, we’ve got you covered. We help you develop solutions for cutting a business’s carbon footprint. These systems will help optimize resource usage and boost efficiency. As a result, businesses will be able to comply with environmental regulations and even cut operational costs. Here’s what we offer:

  • IoT systems for facility and resources management
  • Drone-based solutions for remote inspections
  • Smart devices for better energy management
  • Cloud AI solutions for sustainable logistics and transportation
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See how we helped a client automate oil rig inspections with a drone-based solution.
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Green Energy Solutions

Softeq offers IoT development services for renewable energy companies looking to improve their operations. We’ll help you collect and manage data from renewable energy equipment to optimize its performance. Also, if you want to monitor and control your equipment remotely, we develop solutions to keep it running safely and continuously. Here’s what we can build:

  • Cloud data processing systems for renewable energy equipment
  • Real-time dashboards for data visualization and analytics based on data from energy equipment
  • Mobile applications and smart devices for smart management of energy equipment
  • Digital twin models for energy equipment simulation and efficiency analysis
  • UAV systems for remote monitoring of renewable systems in hard-to-access areas
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Get a rundown of worldwide trends in energy use and efficiency.
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

If you’re looking to make your assets more energy efficient, whether they are commercial buildings or factory equipment, we can help you. For example, Softeq develops IoT solutions that provide real-time insights on energy usage. This can help businesses locate areas with high energy consumption, analyze them, and optimize energy use. As a result, they will be able to minimize their environmental impact and save on energy costs. Turn to us to create systems that feature:

  • Real-time HVAC monitoring
  • Remote HVAC control
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Energy analytics and reporting
  • AI-based predictive usage analytics
Case Study
Here’s how we helped our client create an IoT system to manage green buildings.
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Softeq Venture Studio: Support for Sustainability Startups

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Our Partner Networks for Sustainability Business Solutions

Membership in the Open Footprint Forum

At Softeq, we don’t just keep an eye on sustainability standards. We also look for ways to make it easier for companies to comply with them. For example, Softeq is participating in the Open Footprint Forum. Together with Shell, Boeing, Huawei, Microsoft, and IBM, we’re working on the standard for calculating GHG emissions. This standard will unify the way businesses report their emissions, which will help companies improve green supply chain management.


Membership in Sustain Social

Softeq is a member of Sustain Social—a network of organizations in Southern California that collaborate on sustainability initiatives. These include businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. As part of the network, we get access to the latest sustainability trends and strategies. This helps us stay ahead of the curve in sustainability.


Microsoft Partnership

We are part of the Microsoft partner network. This partnership gives us access to Microsoft expertise, ongoing support, and exclusive resources. We can also create sustainable solutions using Microsoft technologies. If you work with us, you’ll also benefit from the Microsoft Partnership.


Why do businesses need a solution for calculating GHG emissions?

Soon, calculating GHG emissions will be required by law. Many regions are yet to implement or have already implemented mandatory reporting requirements for GHG emissions. For example, it’s already a requirement for businesses in the UK. In the US, Canada, and the European Union, regulations will come into force within the next few years. With a calculation solution, you’ll be ready to meet these requirements.

Why to shift to green supply chain management?

By shifting to green supply chain management, businesses can:

  • Comply with environmental regulations: Many regions will soon require companies to report emissions from their entire supply chain. Companies will have to comply even if just one of their subsidiaries is located in one of these regions. Digital solutions can help a company do everything correctly and avoid fines.

  • Strengthen their reputation in the eyes of consumers: Today’s consumers expect companies to be environmentally responsible. Some of them may even boycott businesses that do nothing to make their supply chain greener.

  • Stand out: Today, more and more businesses prefer to work with sustainable suppliers as it can help boost their green credentials. By going sustainable, suppliers can make themselves more attractive to potential customers.

Learn more about green supply chain management.

What kind of technology can help businesses in their sustainability efforts?

Blockchain can be very helpful here. It allows businesses to build secure data storage systems that serve as reliable sources of truth. Such systems can track the entire supply chain and collect data about raw materials, their processing, and logistics.

Companies are starting to use blockchain systems to be sure that all their suppliers meet sustainability requirements. It also enables them to prove to their customers that they use sustainable practices.

Learn how it works in more detail.