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Softeq deals with multiple communication interfaces and networking protocols — be it NFC, WiFi, BLE, or others — to help you turn static real-life objects into a vault of real-time data and a dynamic network of things feeding meaningful information streams. Avail of Softeq’s savvy to equip objects with RFID-tags, beacons or sensors and connect them via gateways to the Internet.


We work both with embedded and advanced distributed web systems to find the best possible solution to capture data, ingest it into data storages and keep it for further use or relay in real-time to endpoint devices. We’ll ensure that no bit of precious information about the physical world will go missing.


Raw data is as good a solution as stepping onto the battlefield with your bare hands. Softeq turns data acquired from IoT system components into actionable info. It is categorized, made searchable and accessible to client apps, and visualized in a manner corresponding to the requirements of endpoint device interfaces.

Connecting the Dots into Advanced Internet of Things Systems

Softeq is no stranger to hardcore mastery of hardware design and system software development to create from the ground up custom IoT devices, optimize their performance and plug them into a network of smart things. The whole gamut of these “connected dots” that will become the centerpiece of your IoT system include sensors, beacons, connected electronics, interactive objects and wearable tech.

IoT Development Services: Which Direction Can We Take You?

When planning massive deployments of IoT projects, cases are rare that you need to reinvent the wheel and build an entire system from scratch. But chances are that you may have a vital part of IoT ecosystem missing or you need it made-to-order. Softeq has a strong team of low-level programming old-timers and web development specialists to help you build your connected solution on top of existing IoT application platforms and tune it to the requirements of your business. With versatile tech skills on board our team is also ready to lend you a hand with the missing IoT part, which hinders the fulfillment of your business idea. Softeq’s knowledge spans the following areas of expertise to assist your company with IoT undertakings:

  • Device Design

    Device Design & Hardware Prototyping

    Softeq creates custom devices from diminutive pins, badges, tags, pendants to sensor-equipped components for power electronics to LED table-tops and other interactive objects. When the device you need is not on the market, we’ll take on its development from schematics to PCB design, full documentation, verification, and fabrication support.

  • Signal Processors & Microcontrollers

    Digital Signal Processors & Microcontrollers

    Low-level skills underpin Softeq’s professional path. Our embedded team will put in place DSPs that will handle multiple real-time operations to power your audio, video and other demanding solutions. If you need microcontrollers to solve tasks beyond standard factory default we’ll aid you with real-time application development, processor core, memory, I/O customization.

  • HMI

    Device Interfaces — HMI

    When an instantaneous response, command output is required from users or vital data should be visualized and always at hand, the Softeq team will design touch panels, control displays and web-based human-machine interfaces to operate industrial machinery, complex equipment and manage input-output on connected self-service terminals.

  • Sensor Data Acquisition

    Sensor Data Acquisition, M2M & Data Integration

    To process high-volume sensor signals, data from beacons and connected devices, Softeq will help you implement robust, performant and secure ETL tools and middleware solutions. We’ll enable interoperability between all heterogeneous components of an IoT sytem, ensure smooth integrations in the future and eliminate any possibility of personal data being compromised.

  • Web Dashboards

    BI & Web Dashboards for Device Fleet Management

    Web in the world of the Internet of things is put front and center, because it is mainly where most of the magic happens and where data becomes informed decisions. The Softeq web team develops advanced business logic for workflow automation in M2M, reporting, analytics and remote control purposes.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps Remotely Controlling & Relaying Data from Connected Objects

    Softeq has already tested its competence on the IoT-focused mobile arena, where handhelds serve as remote controls and key output devices utilized on the go. We develop mobile apps and mobile web interfaces that communicate with connected objects like iBeacons and exchange data with IoT storages using JSON and lightweight RESTful APIs.

Shaping IoT Application Ecosystem to Fit the Right Business Context

Softeq and its forward-thinking clients have pulled together to complete a number of innovative solutions in the IoT space. These solutions include a console for operating connected DMX compatible lighting devices, sensor-based sports solutions with video analysis and metadata overlays, inspection software that uses sensor and video data captured from IP-cameras mounted on unmanned flying devices, interactive LED-based table-tops that use Twitter libraries, HVAC monitoring system for building process management, humidity and temperature lab metering solution, and more. All of this makes us eligible to take care of your top-grade IoT projects in the following areas:

  • Building Automation
  • Connected Manufacturing
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Smart Home & Domotics
  • Predictive Maintenance & Surveillance
  • Unmanned Inspection
  • Contextual Retail
  • Smart Labs Metering & HVAC
  • Connected Entertainment Facilities
  • Vital Signs Monitoring, Smart Patient Care

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