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As an innovative startup or enterprise, shifting tech responsibility to an experienced tech partner is a smart choice. With our IoT development services, Softeq is an experienced tech partner you can rely on. We can help you build smart gadgets, make analog products digital, and create infrastructure for custom IoT solutions. If you plan to undergo a holistic business change, our IoT consulting strategists can guide you through the process seamlessly.

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Our IoT Development Skills Matrix

Our Approach to IoT Application Development


Softeq gives everyday objects a voice, enabling them to transmit real-time data via internet gateways. To achieve this, we use communication interfaces and networking protocols (NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.), RFID tags, beacons, and sensors.


We design embedded and distributed systems to capture sensor data, prevent data loss, and ingest data into storage solutions. Keep your data for further use or deliver the information in real time to an IoT application or endpoint device.


Softeq turns the data acquired from IoT system components into actionable insights: it is categorized, searchable, accessible via client apps, and visualized in line with the requirements of endpoint device interfaces.

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Why Softeq is the Right IoT Company for You


Dedicated Expertise

Connected products—and the associated IoT application development services—are our core competence.


Built-in Security

Softeq treats security as an integral part of IoT application development and hardware design.


Usability as a Top Priority

We analyze stakeholder feedback and follow UX design best practices to create the Internet of Things solutions with the end user in mind.


Scalability from Day One

We ensure IoT solutions perform flawlessly, regardless of the workload, number of users, and enabled features.

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How We Can Help You

IoT in the Context of Digital Transformation

We develop robust cyber-physical systems that fully or partially automate well-identified processes in enterprises. These systems help companies undergoing digital transformation to free up employees’ time and focus on delivering better services to their customers.

Risk-free Innovation

At Softeq, every knowledge-intensive project is preceded by a proof of concept/discovery phase. This is how we can identify the technology barriers to implementing your IoT idea, create a project roadmap, and set realistic goals.