Transportation Industry Solutions

Both small and large companies in transportation turn to digital products to transform the transport experience and make the industry even more connected. We equip our customers with advanced web and mobile transportation industry solutions to keep people and goods on the move: fleet and cargo management solutions, logistics software solutions, dealer management systems, travel planning and flight schedules apps, as well as systems for valet parking.

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Solutions We Deliver

Gorilla Safety

Why Softeq?

Knowledge of Related Domains

If you want to integrate road sign detection functionality into your fleet management platform or prevent unauthorized access to freight vehicles, we’ve got you covered. Besides transportation and logistics software solutions, we have knowledge of automotive IT: ADAS and IVI systems, HMIs, and virtual car keys.

Solutions Redefining the Industry

We deliver transportation software solutions to solve industry challenges: cost-reduction, minimizing manual management and paperwork, and foot-dragging.

Tailored Apps

Our expert team creates custom-fit transport and logistics solutions for web, desktop, and mobile, that can be easily configured according to your business model and processes.

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Improve Transportation Performance

Want to support the connection of customers and partners, reduce costs, streamline internal operations and improve the speed of each flow?

We stand by your side with our software development services for logistics transportation industry. Softeq provides a complete suite of transportation management software solutions for cargo companies and passenger carriers. Backed by our industry experience, we ensure our customers get tailored apps that meet the needs of the industry.