Embedded Software Development

As an embedded software development company, we build embedded apps, firmware, middleware, device drivers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and complex embedded software solutions for enterprise-grade IoT systems.

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What We Do

  • Board Bring-Up

    Our embedded engineers can help you test, validate, and debug your hardware prototype as well as prepare your embedded product for the transition to software engineering and manufacturing. Our embedded software development team will create custom testing toolchains to collect and analyze validation data, and diagnose possible hardware faults. To get your board fully operational, we can build/customize an embedded OS, all necessary drivers, and optimize the whole board setup.

  • Embedded OS

    Softeq designs custom-tailored embedded operating systems that enable the hardware components of a custom device to communicate with software. We also customize popular embedded operating systems: Linux, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), FreeRTOS, QNX, VxWorks, and others.

  • Embedded Apps

    From bootloaders to the OS kernel, we design embedded software solutions that will get your hardware up and running in no time. Our embedded apps will help you test your electronics system, program it to perform various operations, and get it working with any peripherals and device types.

  • IoT Apps

    We design embedded software that enables sensors to track motion activities, monitor bodily and physical processes, as well as collect all this information and store it in the cloud. On top of that, we build analytical IoT solutions that uncover hidden insights in the collected data and allow you to leverage them for your business purposes.

Embedded Software Solution Development

Human-Machine Interfaces - HMI Development

Combining hardware and embedded resources with smart UX/UI design, Softeq delivers multiplatform HMI software solutions — from basic data visualization apps on built-in screens to complex web and cloud-based HMI systems with multilingual and networking capabilities.

We build HMI software solutions for the automotive industry, industrial machinery, agriculture, finance and banking, and other sectors based on:

  • Native desktop GUI: Qt, GTK, OpenGL
  • Mobile UI: Android, iOS
  • Web UI HTML5, WebGL
  • Data visualization: VTK

Media Streaming Solutions and WebRTC Development

We know how to combine middleware, mobile, web, cloud, and system levels to successfully implement varied audio/video service scenarios — from capturing and streaming digital signals from CCTV/IP сamera systems to building media sharing mechanisms for large communication hubs.

As part of our WebRTC application development service, we help businesses build internal and external communication channels developing in-browser real-time video communication apps, desktop sharing and file exchange tools, as well as live streaming solutions that are secure, highly scalable and responsive.

Also, our expertise covers developing codecs for effective hardware-software interaction and building digital rights management (DRM) tools to prevent unauthorized access/distribution of your digital media content.


Embedded Security Solutions

We build solutions that ensure security on all layers of an embedded system, including on-device storage, communication between hardware and protocols, cloud gateways, device management systems, and more. Our expertise spans cryptography and trust zone technologies, hardware and firmware validation and verification (verified boot), as well as security token development.


Network Solutions

Softeq builds secure, scalable multi-technology network solutions that connect user devices, business units and industrial systems while maintaining connection resilience and high availability. We cover network integrations (SSH, MAIL, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, etc ), admin interface development, router setup and more.


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Linux Kernel and Device Driver Development

Our expertise in modifying and customizing Linux kernel and Linux kernel driver development spans IoT solutions, industrial automation, and robotics.

As part of our Linux kernel and driver development services we can integrate your embedded Linux device with the peripherals of your custom PCB, design multimedia hardware and graphics accelerators, program power management drivers, as well as develop user-space drivers for end-user and GUI-based apps.

To reduce costs and development efforts, we provide consultations and recommendations regarding hardware development/selection.

Embedded Linux Development

Whether you need embedded software for industrial equipment, a programming solution for an automotive diagnostic tool, or a mobile app for an action camera, the Softeq team can help.

Our team is well-versed in Embedded Linux software development, C/C++ programming, and device engineering. Our expertise includes building custom Linux distros, Linux kernel customization, device drivers, and periphery integration.

We work with popular embedded Linux distros including Buildroot, Yocto, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenWRT, Linux Mint.

Android Kernel Expertise

Our embedded software engineers have extensive Android Kernel customization expertise that includes custom device support and kiosk mode design.

In addition, Softeq offers hands-on experience with a number of Android TV solutions, having delivered them for Samsung, Philips, and Sony Smart TV Android-powered platforms.

Embedded Linux for IoT

Softeq has real-world project experience creating Embedded Linux-powered solutions for the Internet of Things:

  • Various gates for Smart Home solutions and other connected devices, integrating sensor data into IoT clouds for real-time monitoring, control, and data processing.
  • Advanced multi-functional wearables with features that stretch beyond the basic step count.