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Softeq Is Contributing to a New Standard for GHG Calculation
Softeq is helping to develop a standard for calculating greenhouse emissions. Together with Shell, Boeing, Huawei, Microsoft, and IBM, we’re working on a new methodology. This will enable companies to calc...
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Concluding a Record Year of Growing its Venture Fund, Funding 49 Startups, Softeq CEO Chris Howard Invites Technology Community to New Podcast
Forging the Future with Chris Howard Showcases High-Impact Successes and Critical Conversations in Innovation.
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Softeq Continues Growth of Venture Fund, Welcomes H2 2022 Venture Studio Cohort with Increasing Global Representation
Guiding the development of future technologies and supporting entrepreneurs in med tech, sports tech, fin tech, and the eCommerce and Web 3.0 technologies that enable them.
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N.H. Investors Commit $5M to Softeq Venture Fund
Softeq Venture Fund and the creation of a satellite venture studio from a new group of venture capital investors in New Hampshire.
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Softeq Announces New Limited Partner and Welcomes Q2 2022 Cohort of Startups
The Softeq Venture Studio Q2 2022 cohort features 14 companies from across the world and will continue its focus on Latin America with a $3 million investment from Royal Eagle Capital Partners.
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This is What Techies Talked About in February
In this issue of the Tech Digest: a new AI system to help dentists with accurate diagnosis, an AI technology to build more efficient laptops, and an AI program to advance drug development.
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Softeq Launches Development Center in Monterrey, Mexico
The new location will strengthen the Softeq footprint and offer a dedicated local team for clients and partners. In the coming years, the company expects to capitalize on the surplus of qualified talent in...
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Softeq Launches $40M Venture Fund for Early-Stage Tech Startups
The Softeq Venture Fund will fuel high-potential concepts and Houston’s maturing innovation ecosystem
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Our Picks from CES 2022
Some prominent exhibitors from CES 2022: our favorite—an ADAS solution to detect multiple objects on the road in real-time; a non-invasive glucometer to check blood sugar; a smart electric car to deliver s...
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Green power of IoT: use cases in the energy sector
Is your business green? Recently, we were looking back at some of our “saving-the-world” projects in the energy sector. And it’s just amazing how small sensors can change the way we use energy! The idea is...
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This is What Techies Talked About in November
In this issue of the Tech Digest: a new AI system to translate accents to help people better understand each other, an Earth’s digital twin to manage climate crisis, and digital transformation trends for 2...
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This is What Techies Talked About in October
In this issue of the Tech Digest: a new hub to test 5G deployments and speed up the development, an innovative AI system to help detect eye diseases faster and more accurately, Gartner predictions for 2022...
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