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This is What Techies Talked About in April
In this issue of the Tech Digest: a tech giant will contribute to mitigating the global semiconductor shortage; humble lampposts can make urban spaces smarter and more efficient; autonomous driving is one step closer. All that and more in a 10-minute read.
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Surprising findings about the automotive sector shift
We continue to watch the automotive industry shift gears toward transformational changes. Car manufacturers used to have no second thought as to where to turn to for hardware parts or software units. There were established giants and their time-proven tier 1s. Not anymore. We’ve analyzed the before and after of this shift and have come to surprising conclusions. Check them out, along with many other fascinating stories on tech in business down below.
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Softeq CEO is Spotlighted among Houston Innovators
The Softeq Founder and CEO is recognized as a local innovator who prioritizes giving back to the region’s community.
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This is What Techies Talked About in March
In this issue of the Tech Digest: AI helps streamline farming processes and optimize agricultural operations; a contactless IoT station detects COVID-19 carriers and verifies visitors’ safety; computer vision controls e-commerce traffic and monitors public spaces. All that and more in a 10-minute read.
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A solution to semiconductor shortage, IoT 101 guide, and other tech stories
Even if you’re outside of the car-making industry, chances are the global semiconductor supply shortfall has either sapped your business or that of someone you know. Started out as an industry-level emergency, it’s been spilling over the consumer electronics and healthcare segments at the least.
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This is What Techies Talked About in February
In this issue of the Tech Digest: AI recognizes asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers and facilitates surgeons’ training, while 5G is still in its early days, 6G is already round the corner, and smart industrial robots produce ready-to-fly drones. All that and more in a 10-minute read.
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US IT Veteran Softeq Establishes Full-stack Development Center in Vilnius
Texas-based technology innovation company opens new development center to better serve European enterprise and startup customers.
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Zooming in on zero trust for IoT: never trust but always verify
Learn how the zero-trust model can shield your IoT devices from cyberattacks. See how robotic process automation can increase patient satisfaction and save physicians from burnout.
Booming Telehealth: Are There New Opportunities for Your Business?
Are you considering developing a telehealth solution? Check out our compilation of resources about the current state of healthcare, current needs and new demands in health IoT, and industry stats.
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This is What Techies Talked about in January
In this issue of the Tech Digest: who is the winner in 5G availability and speed, how a new AI tool helps tackle COVID-19, and what Wi-Fi 6E routers are already available for consumers. All that and more in a 10-minute read.
Innovation Lab Empowers Executives to Become Successful Intrapreneurs
In this episode, Chris Howard meets Chuck Goldman from Boundless Technology. They talk about the Innovation Lab—a joint venture between Softeq, MIT, and Boundless, what makes the initiative different from startup accelerators, and how Softeq will help executives become intrapreneurs.
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Softeq's at the Epicenter of All Things Tech Innovation—CES 2021
Softeq joined CES 2021 to engage with industry leaders and inspire the team to create revolutionary products for our customers. The annual event took place virtually on January 11-14, 2021.
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