Front-end Development Services

Our front-end application development team will design intuitive interactions with your IT systems and balance the UI and business logic of complex apps: web, desktop, mobile, IoT dashboards, and HMIs.

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Front-end Solutions

  • Web App Interfaces

    We build web apps and websites with decoupled front-end architecture, which visualizes data processed by servers and distributes content to a variety of endpoint devices.

  • Single-page Apps

    We are au fait with single-page and progressive web applications โ€” messengers, chatbots, social networking websites, and online maps.

  • Desktop App UIs

    We drill down to the OS and hardware architecture core to design desktop apps with intuitive interfaces mimicking the functionality of the system UI.

  • IoT Dashboards

    We use JS frameworks and cloud-friendly tools to visualize sensor data in real time and help you manage IoT and IIoT solutions from your PC.

  • Mobile App Interfaces

    We create cross-platform and hybrid apps that meet the Material Design guidelines and provide an on-point user experience on mobile devices and in web browsers.

  • eCommerce Themes

    We design flexible front ends for eCommerce websites (marketplaces, crowdfunding, auctions) to help online retailers engage device-hopping customers.

  • HMIs

    We develop voice interfaces, AR manuals, device-to-browser streaming apps, IVI systems, and web apps for companies looking to exercise control over smart equipment and consumer devices.

Our Approach to Front-end Development

User Journey Mapping

Before we embark on a front-end development project, we research user needs and study heat and click maps to predict behavior and develop use cases.


Inclusive Design

We present content with clarity, so that users with different navigation preferences, browsing patterns, and accessibility needs find their way around your app and complete actions faster.


Focus on Performance

Our front-end development team works in tandem with UX/UI designers and back-end experts to design software architecture that scales well and handles any increase in traffic.

Featured Projects

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