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Electronic system design is essential for crafting an electronics prototype and documenting the business logic of the solution assembly process. Our clients receive a detailed vision of their project through a single product requirements document. The document specifies the project plan and budget, product requirements, solution architecture, CPU characteristics, memory interfaces and communication protocols, and estimated cost of manufacturing.

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What We Do

System Requirements Gathering and Architecture Design

We gather the product requirements, analyze them, and define the necessary components.

System Design

We select the most fitting technical solution and technologies, define the system architecture, components and interconnections, research the availability of the components, and estimate the approximate cost.

Process Design

We define the processes, necessary tests, and the appropriate certification, including product assembly and maintenance. Once your project has been planned and organized, we proceed to the development phase.

What You Get

Scope and Vision document

A technical document that matches the client’s idea with the most applicable technologies.


PoC Solution

A solution that highlights possible bottlenecks and provides a roadmap for designing the optimal solution architecture.


Electronics Prototype

A fully functional hardware prototype for assessing concept feasibility, as well as identifying and mitigating pre-development risks.


Tender Documents

A set of documents with all the necessary information to apply for a tender — specifications of work to be carried out, delivery deadlines, contract provisions, plans and drawings.

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Full Cycle of Hardware Design

Our electronics design engineers start with proof of concept development to determine the feasibility of a given hardware device. A PoC helps to identify possible bottlenecks and provide a roadmap for designing the optimal system architecture for a solution. To ensure our customers get a workable product sample that is ready for trial production, we generally pair our electronic prototype design with enclosure and firmware development.

Softeq’s electronics prototyping experts are able to facilitate the PoC process at each stage of electronic prototype development. From component selection and ordering to PCB design and fabrication through to board bring-up and testing, UL, CE, FCC product sample certification, as well as trial manufacturing and/or mass production, we have you covered.