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Building Blockchain Infrastructure — from ICO to Ecosystem

Smart Contract Development: Writing and Auditing

  • Writing


    Smart Contract is a distributed code, stored on the blockchain platform (Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, NEO). Its functioning needs no middlemen, centralized server or even a cloud involvement. The code is executed automatically inside the Virtual Machine when triggered by the pre-programmed events. Softeq writes all types of Smart Contracts, including Ethereum-based — on Solidity and Serpent.

  • Auditing


    Softeq performs full-scale Pre-Release functional and non-functional testing (including unit tests, security audit, smart contract simulation on the testnet etc.) to make sure there are no flaws, misbehaviors and security holes in the Smart Contract code. Softeq’s QA team can also test your Smart Contracts, written by the in-house developers or a 3rd party company, before you deploy it to the Ethereum network.

Decentralized Apps Development

Decentralized applications, or Dapps, is the next step in the evolution of Smart Contracts. They combine a number of interrelated Smart Contracts, united by the business logic and a frontend. Softeq, as a full-cycle development company, possesses a team of solution architects, backend and frontend developers able to write the Smart Contracts for the Dapp, build up a complete application’s architecture, including communications with the oracles, and create a user-friendly UX/UI design on top of that.

Technical Development for ICO

Blockchain gave birth to a new platform for business projects monetization — Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A successful ICO campaign needs an exclusive business idea, supported by a well-planned marketing strategy, its accurate technical realization and careful pre-release testing.

Softeq doesn’t specialize in ICO marketing. We offer only those services we’re professional in — project’s technical realization and testing. If you have a groundbreaking business idea, know how to promote it properly, but need a team of expert system architects, blockchain developers and testers to perform end-to-end development — Softeq is your vendor of choice.

  • What we CAN do for your ICO:

    • Develop ERC20-compliant Token
    • Write/Audit Smart Contracts
    • QA:
      - Perform Pre-Release testing
      - Organize Bug Bounty Program
    • Build ICO’s Ecosystem:
      - Landing page
      - Wallet
      - Oracles
    • Create/review the technical and QA parts of your Whitepaper

  • What we CANNOT do for your ICO:

    • Introduce the core business idea
    • Develop business parts of the Whitepaper (including marketing, pricing etc.)

Blockchain Ecosystem Development

Blockchain ecosystem serves as a supporting structure for the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. While developing an ecosystem app, the main issue is to integrate the blockchain features smoothly into the traditional web, mobile or desktop products. Softeq has a team and a competency to build any ecosystem element from scratch, whether it’s a simple cryptowallet or a sophisticated investment portfolio monitor.

  • Wallet

    A basic ecosystem app intended for storing the private keys securely and trading the cryptocurrencies via multiple accounts.

  • Analytics Tools

    A combination of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms creates a synergetic analytical system, leveraging huge amounts of data to forecast the cryptocurrency markets trends accurately.

  • Exchange

    Softeq builds secure multiplatform exchanges for both digital and fiat currencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, US dollar, Euro etc.

  • Blockchain browser/Block explorer

    A specialized ecosystem app which allows to navigate the blockchain, check the balances and transactions history, monitor the statistics and search the blockchain for transactions and addresses.

  • Oracles

    Softeq builds secure oracle applications, establishing blockchain-to-web communication, essential for the blockchain. Oracles receive data, necessary to trigger the smart contracts, from trusted real-life sources, cryptographically attest it and provide to the blockchain.

  • Portfolio Monitor

    A one-stop-shop app giving access to all major functionality needed to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio — analyze multiple exchanges and get the most accurate market dynamics, assess and reduce investment risks, receive price alerts and make trades just in time, review the latest industry news etc.

  • Hardware devices (wallets, oracles)

    Softeq’s expertise in the hardware design, Internet of Things (IoT) services and all types of communication technologies, such as USB, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Wi-FI, allows us to build secure devices, such as hardware cryptocurrency wallets, guaranteeing you secure access to private keys even on a compromised computer, or hardware oracles, acquiring information for smart contracts directly from the physical world.

Custom Blockchain Development


Whether you simply want to enable cryptocurrency payment integration for your solution or you need an ERC20-token on Ethereum network, a custom cryptocurrency from scratch or just one of its elements, such as Mining Client, Virtual Machine, Consensus Algorithm or P2P network  — Softeq’s team is skilled enough to contribute to any blockchain development initiatives.

Private Blockchain Development on Hyperledger

Leveraging Hyperledger Fabric framework to build a secure corporate blockchain for your organization.

Customized Blockchain Solutions

Rich experience in various business domains, such as Finance, IoT/Wearables, Healthcare, Sports, enables Softeq to consider all the aspects of the industry and build a tailored blockchain solution.

Why Softeq?

  • Expertise In Blockchain

    Expertise In Blockchain

    Softeq’s team has first-hand experience in architecting and developing solutions for all major blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger.

    Softeq possesses expertise in the following specific blockchain languages and frameworks: Solidity, Serpent, LLL, RootStock, Mutan, Hyperledger Fabric, Truffle.

  • Team of Seasoned Software Engineers and Architects

    Team of Seasoned Software Engineers and Architects

    Softeq is not a blockchain-only company, but a full-cycle full-stack developer, which means that we possess a strong team of professionals in various programming fields, able to architect and build entire blockchain infrastructure or any of its separate elements — blockchain core, nodes, ecosystem apps etc.

    Softeq’s Blockchain-related tech stack:

    • Blockchain Core/Cryptocurrency: C++
    • Client/Node: Rust, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python
    • Ecosystem Applications: Java, JavaScript, .NET
    • Database Management: XML, SQL, NoSQL, bigdata, IPFS, BigchainDB

  • Multipurpose QA

    Multipurpose QA

    Whether you simply need Smart Contracts tested, look for a dedicated QA team to support your ICO or want to create a full-featured QA competency center for a breakthrough third-generation blockchain — Softeq has 20+ topnotch QA engineers to build a project team, matching your needs and budget.

  • Expertise In Cryptography

    Expertise In Cryptography

    Rich background in the development of highly secure messengers, HIPAA-compliant medical software, сertification authority systems and fintech products made Softeq an expert in data protection and cryptography, including encryption, digital signature and hashing algorithms (RSA, DES, AES, Diffie-Hellmann, ECC, TLS, SSL, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, MD5, etc.)

  • Business-Oriented Approach

    Business-Oriented Approach

    A team of business analysts and business-savvy project managers follows each project from start to finish, which enables Softeq to cater to the client’s business needs and create market-oriented products.

  • Open-Source

    Open-Source First-Hand Experience

    Blockchain projects benefit from going open-source by gaining user trust and receiving a community’s help in development and debugging. Softeq’s hands-on experience in open-source projects and bug bounty programs organization is a huge differentiator for a blockchain developer.

Customer Services: from Client’s Team Training to Post-Release Multilevel Support

On top of the basic services such as blockchain development and testing, Softeq offers its customers a range of additional competencies aimed to make the clients feel confident and secure while working with Softeq on the blockchain-related projects.

Business Analysis

In the dynamic and volatile domain of the blockchain, a business analyst becomes a high-skilled guide, choosing the right path for the project. Softeq’s BA team dives deep into researching the client’s initial requirements and documentation, performs the industry research, analyzes product feasibility and follows the client’s business vision throughout the project.

Team Training

To develop a competitive blockchain product you need a team technology-literate specialists. The problem is the blockchain tech is rather young itself and it is hard to find well-trained developers, especially with hands-on experience. Fortunately, Softeq has started to build a blockchain education pipeline long ago and is ready to apply this expertise on you blockchain development project and to share the knowledge with your team.

Maintenance & Support

Our post-release maintenance and support services are aimed to help the clients feel confident in the rapidly changing world of blockchain. After the project development is finished, we provide to the customer the multilevel support system, a 30 days warranty and 24/7 live assistance on demand. All the issues would be resolved by the same team, worked on your project.

Competency Center

If you need a team of specialists with profound expertise in a specialized blockchain-related technology – hiring a dedicated development team from Softeq's Blockchain Competency Center is a smart solution. We research the technology thoroughly and organize the staff training process — to provide you with the skilled and battle-ready experts at the earliest. Moreover, if you seek custom R&D services, Softeq can help you organize a Competency Center of your own on our premises.

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