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We leverage immersive technologies (AR, VR, MR) to present content in an engaging way, design novel hardware supporting extended reality, and provide VR and AR development services to consumer electronics brands looking to fine-tune distributed systems’ performance.

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Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications

Our Augmented Reality app development team uses markers, location data, and SLAM to merge content into a camera feed of a smartphone or HMD. We create apps capable of:

  • Recognizing objects, facial features, and gestures
  • Augmenting maps and images with contextual data
  • Changing superimposed graphic elements based on sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS data

Virtual Reality Solutions

Softeq combines quality code, immersive sound, and motion graphics to design a lifelike simulated reality. Our 360° video and VR software development services include:

  • Interfacing custom VR apps with hardware: camera-based and ambient light sensors, inertial measurement unit
  • Video streaming system development
  • Intelligent object, face, and emotion recognition
  • 3D environment modeling and object manipulation

Industry-specific AR and VR Solutions

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Implementing AR in Enterprise Settings

Among AR/VR software companies, Softeq mainly specializes in niche Augmented Reality solutions for businesses undergoing Digital Transformation. By overlaying digital content on top of physical objects, companies can reduce the costs associated with product design, streamline employee training, and replace complex manuals with interactive user interfaces.

Overcoming Technology Barriers

Augmented and Virtual Reality app development is still in its infancy. As a result, open-source SDKs, frameworks, and configurations do not always support certain features out of the box. Our R&D department will lay hands on every tool available on the market to choose the appropriate technology stack for your project and create a software solution in line with your functional and non-functional requirements.