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Mobile App, Web, and Firmware for a Smart Bassinet

Stable back end driven interaction, automatic OTA updates

Solution Firmware, web back end and the mobile app for a smart bassinet
Industry Consumer Electronics
Engagement model
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • T&M (time and materials)
Methodology Scrum
  • Software Engineers
  • QA Engineers


Case Highlights

Softeq participated in the mobile, web, and firmware development for a smart bassinet.

  • Baby monitoring via a mobile phone
  • Crying recognition through embedded sensors
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Secure AWS-based back end
  • Cross-platform solution

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The client invented a smart bassinet, which leverages embedded sound sensors to detect crying and automatically calm babies. The smart bassinet is driven by a mobile app, web back end, and firmware. The client was looking for a full-stack development company that could help implement the IoT solution.

The client set a hard deadline on the release date to get the product to market. Softeq was tasked with helping to develop a mobile app along with a secure back end.



The app serves as a remote control and baby monitor. Softeq engineers simultaneously built the iOS and Android version of the mobile app using cross-platform Xamarin technology. The mobile app allows users to control the bassinet remotely, setting parameters via a mobile phone.

Application Functionality

Parents can use the mobile app to:

  • Switch soothing intensity levels remotely
  • Lock a specific level of calming intensity
  • Set the soothing intensity limit and sensitivity of the microphones individually for their baby
  • Set the white noise volume and change the starting level of the soothing intensity
  • Choose between Preemie and Weaning calming regimes, that differ in the soothing intensity and sound production
  • Get push notifications
  • See tips on using the bassinet
  • Check their baby’s sleep statistics and review sleep trend diagrams

Web Back End

Information security and smooth bassinet-mobile intercommunication were the client’s top priorities. The back end is realized as a combination of an admin panel, a cloud-hosted single page application, and a stack of microservices.

The back end provides constant and stable interaction between all elements of the solution architecture: mobile app, firmware, and hardware. It ensures that parents won’t miss a signal from the bassinet, when the baby needs their personal attention.

Key Back-end Functions

  • Firmware and mobile app Over-the-Air update
  • Registered bassinet management
  • Mobile push notifications for parents
  • User authorization and analytics
  • Errors and service status notifications for administrators
  • Event logging


The Softeq’s engineers supplemented the client’s firmware team and implemented a major piece of firmware to underlie the bassinet’s functionality.

The firmware processes the data flow from embedded sound sensors, allowing the bassinet to recognize when the baby is crying and automatically choose the appropriate soothing level.

Firmware Functionality

As an extension of the Happiest Baby team, Softeq contributed to the following functionality:

  • Over-the-Air updates of firmware, drivers, Linux utilities, launchers
  • Primary firmware installation at the factory
  • Remote bassinet-mobile app connection
  • Restoration to the factory defaults
  • Linux utility bug fixing
  • Python tests for automated firmware testing

Software and Firmware Updates

The client’s Sales & Marketing team maintains communication with bassinet users to improve the product’s performance and functionality. Based on user feedback, Softeq and the client’s team regularly upgrade the bassinet’s software and firmware. This is done so that earlier versions of the bassinet remain compatible with all the new functions, features, and interfaces added in the newest versions.

When a new major firmware update or mobile app is released, the back end automatically finds the bassinets/mobile clients with previous versions and updates them remotely.


Project Outcomes

Softeq met the deadline and helped get the product to market on time. The app is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

The project is ongoing, and the Softeq mobile team is currently working on the next updates. The bassinet is successfully selling across the U.S.