Custom Enclosure Design Services

Appealing and user-friendly product enclosure design adds value to enterprise solutions. In light of this, we help our customers get an appropriate enclosure for their hardware products. Once a concept is approved, a common device shell evolves into a market-ready enclosure, verified with PCB simulations and meeting all the requirements for operability, reliability, and safety.

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What We Do

  • Sketching

    Based on your requirements, we draft up to 5 sketches and present them as 3D PDF and JPEG files.

  • Inner Structure Design

    We make detailed designs that feature the placement of bonding plugs, hinges, cover latches, jambs and gaskets that constitute the technological and functional inner structure of the enclosure.

  • Mass Production

    We supervise the entire mass production process from start to finish to promptly eliminate any tech bugs.

  • Model Detailing

    We update and improve our hardware sketch by incorporating all your feedback and create detailed 3D visualizations of the enclosure.

  • Enclosure Sample Production

    We manufacture device prototypes before sending the final batch production order to the factory.

What You Get

Enclosure Design Documentation

A CAD/CAM software file containing an enclosure design with all target components.


Drawings for Enclosure Manufacturing

A set of blueprints for enclosure production.


Enclosure Samples

A product prototype based on the final enclosure documentation made with target (or similar) materials.

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