Industrial Automation and Robotics Solutions

Softeq provides industrial automation services to manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse companies that are currently undergoing Digital Transformation. We help them build robotics and industrial automation systems that digitalize workflows, improve material and asset tracking, and increase production output.

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End-to-end Industrial Automation Solutions

Factory Automation

Softeq equips manufacturing companies with Smart Factory solutions designed to revamp assembly lines, streamline batch production, reduce waste, and help human operators manage connected machines in a convenient manner:

Factory Automation

Quality Control

We craft software systems that enable industrial companies to track and document materials processing, plan resources within an organization, reduce the cost of quality, and meet industry-specific standards:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MESs)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems
  • Quality Management Software (QMS)
Quality Control

Industrial Robotics

Softeq develops embedded software, drivers, and smart controls for industrial robots that take over manufacturing tasks (assembly, welding, palletizing, material handling, etc.), monitor plant infrastructure, and shorten production cycles:

  • Robotic arm solutions
  • Collaborative robots (cobots)
  • Inspection drones

Predictive Maintenance

Softeq helps industrial companies anticipate machinery failure, prevent accidents, and streamline the replenishment of spare parts. This is achieved through the continuous analysis of equipment condition data backed up by our expertise in:

  • Sensor data acquisition and storage
  • Deep Learning
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Alert notification system design
  • Maintenance decision support system development

How We Build Industrial Automation Solutions

Project Discovery

From the receipt of raw materials to shipping the end product to customers, we analyze your manufacturing process and evaluate tasks subject to automation.

Product Development

We design industrial automation systems that ingest ERP and manufacturing-related data to make informed autonomous decisions.

Maintenance and Support

Once your industrial automation solution is up and running, Softeq can help you maintain and scale the system, and expand its feature set.

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Industrial Automation with Softeq

Full-stack Expertise

We are experienced in custom hardware design, embedded system development, web and mobile applications, Machine Learning, and proximity technologies.


Tailored Scenarios

We do both parts of Industrial Automation systems — Proof of Concept, full-fledged prototypes, and standalone applications, — and comprehensive Smart Factory solutions.


Actionable Insights

We help our customers take the guesswork out of equipment maintenance by gathering and processing the data generated by enterprise technology systems.