Solutions for Digital Retail

With full-stack development capabilities at hand, Softeq is the go-to technology partner for retailers getting hit by eCommerce. We’ll help you automate inventories, avoid stock-outs, and build long-term relationships with customers.

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Why Go Digital?

Digital transformation in retail is driven by the change in customer behavior. Before making a purchase, consumers now do product research and read reviews online. In a shop, a customer expects to be able to use Apple Pay and redeem digital coupons. Following the purchase, your audience will most likely share their shopping experience on social media.

To retain digital customers, a brick-and-mortar business must deliver seamless and personalized shopping experience across multiple touchpoints:

90% of customers use smartphones in stores while shopping (source: Retail TouchPoints)
73% of customers use several channels during their buying journey (source: Harvard Business Review)
71% of customers want companies to give them personalized experiences (source: McKinsey)
84% of customers believe retailers should merge offline and online shopping (source: Deloitte)

Smart Retail Solutions to Transform Your Business

How Can We Help?

Boosting Customer Loyalty

We digitalize customer loyalty programs — and that’s what 95% of your loyalty program members want. Our mobile development team builds native and cross-platform customer loyalty apps with multi-level rewards systems, social features, live chat functionality, and chatbots.

Changing Customers’ Reality

Besides beacons and digital signage, we’ll help you transform in-store customer experience with Augmented Reality. To that end, we develop marker-based catalog apps, AR navigation systems driving foot traffic to your store, and virtual try-on solutions.