Consumer Electronics Solutions

Softeq offers consumer electronics product development services to major brands and startups. We’ll help you add novel features to existing devices or create new gadgets from the ground up. For this, we draw on our full-stack expertise in hardware design, embedded systems development, AR/VR, mobile apps, and web solutions.

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The Softeq Consumer Electronics Solutions Portfolio

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Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

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Ibrahim Regional Business Development
Manager, Americas
Full-cycle Consumer Electronics Product Development

Analog to Digital

Consider turning an existing device into an IoT solution? We’ll enhance the gadget with sensors, connect it to the Internet, and build an entire software ecosystem to implement it at scale.

App Development

As a full-stack development services provider, we can augment your device with embedded software, mobile applications (iOS, Android, Xamarin, Flutter), and admin dashboards.

Turn-key Projects

Our turn-key electronic design services include hardware and custom software development, and assistance with compliance (HIPAA, FDA, GMP, DICOM, HL7) and mass production.

Project Rescue

From PCB failure diagnostics to cybersecurity and DevOps implementation, we offer a wide range of services to help companies jump-start stalled projects and launch new products ahead of the competition.

How Can We Help?

Data-based Approach

If you’re working on an innovative solution, we’ll start with a Discovery Phase to assess the feasibility of your idea. This helps us choose the right technology stack and BOM components, and design a system architecture for future scalability and high performance.

Growth through Innovation

Softeq designs consumer electronics solutions to help businesses venture into the Internet of Things and thus explore new revenue opportunities. With an IoT solution, your brand gets an opportunity to extend service beyond the point of purchase and personalize customer experience.