Digital Solutions for the Sports Industry

Softeq delivers hardware and software solutions that increase the effectiveness of athlete recovery programs, help sportscast companies expand content reach, increase event attendance, and equip sports organizations with the tools to validate athlete identity and performance statistics.

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Digitally Transforming the Sports Industry


What Can Our Digital Solutions Do For You?

Drive Growth

Our goal is to reexamine your business processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and merge new technology into your IT infrastructure.

Handle High Traffic

Whether we’re working on a custom fitness tracker or a sports news portal, we design fault-tolerant architectures that can handle millions of users simultaneously.

Captivate Users

When designing technology solutions for the sports industry, we turn to digital user journey mapping, evaluate accessibility, and aim for device-agnostic user experience.

How Can We Help?

Analyzing Real-time and Historical Data

To change the way sports teams operate, athletes train, and fans engage with brands and each other, sports companies need to aggregate and process the data produced by technology systems: ERP software, vital signs trackers, skycams, etc. We draw on our hardware, low-level software, and neural network model training expertise to help clients achieve this goal.

Preparing Your Team for the Digital Upheaval

Softeq follows DevOps best practices to break down the silos between a company’s business, operations, and development teams. Our mission is to help you find the optimal way to implement digital sports solutions company wide, utilize the available human and technology resources, automate workflows, and keep your IT systems up and running.