Thunderbolt Interface Development

Thunderbolt is a hardware interface created by Intel in tandem with Apple to interconnect external peripherals and computers. The technology supports 40 Gbps connections, dual 4K 60 Hz displays, and multi-protocol communication over a single USB Type-C connector. As a licensed Thunderbolt developer, Softeq delivers multiple solutions such as docks, digital cameras, and embedded computers in line with the Thunderbolt specification.

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The Softeq Thunderbolt Development Services

Embedded Computer Development

Softeq engineers develop multiple types of embedded computers, including panel PCs and industrial box PCs, vehicle computers, and IoT gateways to incorporate many systems. These include consumer IoT devices, automotive electronics solutions, or industrial applications. You will get a custom solution with robust features, which include:

  • High-performance microprocessor(s)
  • Minimalistic design to efficiently perform the required functionality
  • No need for lots of processing power: incorporated lightweight software 
  • Smooth compatibility with other Thunderbolt-certified products
  • Protection from dust, humidity, vibration, and extreme temperatures
  • No requirement for or need of remote maintenance

Digital Cameras for Multiple Industries

We are capable of multiplexing individual data flows from various cameras (from drone-mounted to stationary) to the common system based on Thunderbolt. We are here to interconnect your cameras in a daisy chain for fast and smooth data transfer. Thunderbolt interface helps transmit uncompressed data to a CPU attached to your computer or a storage system at high speed.

With built-in computer vision functionality on the software side, our cameras can incorporate diverse solutions like:

  • Digital rights management protection
  • CNN-based object detection product
  • Video and image analysis apps
  • DSLR and mirrorless cameras
Digital Cameras for Thunderbolt

Docking Stations

As a Thunderbolt development company, Softeq delivers portable docking workstations that connect and charge multiple devices like laptops, displays, and storage devices. Our solutions support stable internet access, ensure up to 40 Gbps data transfer, and incorporate as many ports as you need. Their extended compatibilities include:

  • Connectivity through various types of ports, including USB3.0, USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, 3.5m stereo jack, card reader, and more
  • Support of dual 4K displays and single 5K/6K/8K displays and HDMI/DVI/VGA multi-channel audio
  • Maintenance of portable drives, flash drives, and card readers
  • Charging power through PD protocol that supports laptops and a variety of USB peripherals
  • Compatibility with Mac/Windows systems

Network Solutions

We create secure, scalable network solutions in line with Thunderbolt technology to connect multiple peripherals, business units, and industrial systems. Softeq engineers ensure multi-protocol peer-to-peer communication and maintain up to 10 GbE speed data transfer between computers, perform PC migrations, and establish workgroups with shared storage. We support network integrations, automated router setup, admin interface development, and more.


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End-to-end Service

We can help you implement Thunderbolt on components for various solutions such as surveillance cameras, automotive interfaces, and industrial machines. Docks, digital cameras, and embedded computers can be either separate projects or parts of complex solutions created under a single roof. As a full-cycle development company, Softeq is here to cover every stage of your projectโ€”from initial analysis and prototyping to PCB and enclosure design, implementation, and support.

Industry-specific Solutions

Softeq has proved itself a viable vendor for businesses in multiple industries, such as automotive, corporate, consumer, and healthcare. Softeq is aware of the challenges each of these domains faceโ€”resource constraints, rising competition, and customer expectations. We ensure your solution is developed in line with Thunderbolt technology specifications and is compatible with industry-specific standards.