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Topic : Insights

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Time to read7 min
5 Applications of Technical Writing in Software Development and Implementation
Technical writing clarifies project scope and simplifies communication in tech and business teams. Check out five real-world examples of technical writing that helped save time and budget in projects.
Time to read8 min
25 Lessons Learned From Softeq CEO Chris Howard
Here’s what the Softeq CEO learned after 35 years of entrepreneurship and 25 years in the consulting business. Explore how to avoid expensive investment mistakes, keep your business on track in a crisis, and make your b2b client come back again and again.
Time to read4 min
What Exactly Helps Intrapreneurs Implement Transformative Technologies at Scale?
The new era of disruption shortens companies' lifespans three times faster than it did decades ago. But enterprises often shun the innovation track. What are the main hurdles to business innovation, and what will help intrapreneurs implement transformative technologies?
Time to read5 min
How GStreamer Helps Apply WebRTC in IoT and Embedded Systems
Is it possible to implement WebRTC in IoT systems? Discover how with the help of GStreamer WebRTC solutions can be turned into WebRTC embedded systems. We also cover WebRTC advantages and working principles.
Time to read5 min
How Tech Companies are Surviving the Quarantine, and What Comes Next
The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine measures are taking a toll on the world’s economy. However, many techpreneurs see the time of uncertainty as a business opportunity for the industry. Here’s why.
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