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DevOps as a Service

As an established DevOps services company, Softeq will help your business, development, and operations teams stay on the same page about the optimal way to upgrade enterprise apps, improve IT security, and utilize infrastructure resources.

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DevOps consulting Softeq

DevOps Development and Consulting Services

Analysis and Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your development and operational environment and create a roadmap that shows how to integrate DevOps automation into your IT ecosystem.

Our audit is aimed at:

  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Choosing the right technology tools
  • Determining a suitable DevOps model

Automation and Configuration

Softeq experts automate your delivery pipeline to ensure fast yet seamless deployments and rollbacks across IT processes. We configure your infrastructure so that you can manage evolving or complex systems efficiently.

The process covers:

  • The segmentation of bulky enterprise apps into self-sustained services
  • IT infrastructure migration to the cloud
  • Prompt bug discovery and fixing
  • The deployment of new features with little risk and human involvement

Maintenance and Support

Besides ensuring your IT infrastructure properly functions within the DevOps framework, our DevOps consulting services team will help your technology department learn and adopt DevOps best practices.

The Softeq 24/7 Customer Care department will assist you in:

  • Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Keeping it up and running
  • Mapping out improvements based on regular performance and load testing reports

Our Approach to DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps activities aim at taking control of the entire software implementation and delivery process and automating the key steps in the workflow. Thus, the DevOps team will make sure the code review and the automated tests run with each software build, and the deliverables get uploaded to the cloud and rolled out to production.

Continuous Integration

We merge code changes into a central cloud repository on a regular basis, after which automated tests (UI, API reliability, load, integration, etc.) and builds are run. This results in fully verified and validated code, ready to proceed to delivery.

Continuous Delivery

We automatically deploy code changes to a testing and production environment, so that the project team always has a deployment-ready piece of functionality, and replicate testing environments in the cloud.

Continuous Deployment

Softeq helps clients automate the application release pipeline. As a result, every working build is immediately pushed to production or rolled back for fixing if inconsistencies are discovered.

Tech Stack

Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)
Continuous Integration and Delivery

Why Choose Softeq as Your DevOps Service Provider?

DevOps as a Service Approach

Softeq offers DevOps as a standalone service and only hires certified Cloud and Infrastructure engineers to augment our DevOps team. For us, it's a matter of reputation.

Expert Knowledge of DevOps

As a mature DevOps development company, we combine practical experience with constant learning, getting our hands on every new tool and technology available on the market.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer transparent and effective cooperation models that can be adjusted to your business requirements, whether you're a startup or a large enterprise.

Tangible Results with DevOps

From ideation to deployment, your development and operations teams work on a software solution together, acquire new skills, and automate end-to-end software delivery processes by using proper tools and following DevOps best practices. This will help you:

  • Bring your product to the market faster
  • Reduce overall project costs
  • Roll out the right features when your customers need them
  • Deliver a product that is secure and operates smoothly
  • Meet your customers’ expectations