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Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We help agencies, manufacturers, distributors and media companies go global and simplify daily operations with high-load, functional, interactive and secure web systems and solutions. Explore our web application development expertise and a proven approach to architecture design and efficient development of web-based business apps empowered to communicate business objectives and net multifold opportunities.

  • eCommerce
    We create functional eCommerce solutions (online stores, auctions, marketplaces, etc.) that draw on the latest trends in electronic payments, mobile commerce, and eCommerce enablement.
  • Enterprise Web
    Enterprise Web
    We deliver enterprise web apps, web portals and online services in the areas such as content and knowledge management, eCommerce, business intelligence, workflow management and more.
  • Content Management Solutions
    Content Management Solutions
    We build reliable content-centric systems — ECM, DMS, ETL, RIA and Web2.0 apps — that easily process huge body of heterogeneous digital assets while providing flexible editorial tools, an excellent UX and bulletproof security.
  • Web Portals
    Web Portals
    We develop scalable web portals for businesses in a variety of domains — news and media, B2C and B2B e-Commerce, eLearning, Manufacturing and more — delivering smart interfaces for web and mobile clients, robust architecture, and powerful backend.
  • Web Back-ends for Mobile
    Web Back-ends for Mobile
    We build advanced back-ends enabling data processing and complex business logic execution for mobile business applications, entertainment apps and enterprise mobility solutions.
  • End-to-end ETL Solutions
    End-to-end ETL Solutions
    We create advanced solutions to seamlessly retrieve and process data from hardware systems, devices and electronic data sources, and make them available for applications and users on the web.

Hi-End Business Solutions on Top of Advanced Competencies

Employing proven best practices in several key disciplines and a depth of industry knowledge, accumulated and cherished within our domain-specific Competency Centers, our web developers provide not only an experienced tech hand for clients, but also a good deal of insight into meeting their operational and technology challenges with cost-efficient solutions.

  • Social Networking

    Social Networking and

    Our web app developers enable seamless integration between your business and target audience through the variety of our social networking solutions — from collaborative portals, social CRMs and e-Commerce to mobile VoIP and wearables.

  • BI

    BI Solutions and
    Data Visualization

    We provide our clients with multisource data-driven Business Intelligence solutions featuring comprehensible visualization within the framework of extra smart analytics catering to highly interactive decision-making, both web, desktop and mobile.

  • e-Learning


    Being extensively experienced in mobile and web development, Softeq builds end-to-end e-Learning solutions for a wide scope of education programs — pre-school, K-12, Higher Ed, or professional education and corporate trainings.

  • Desktop

    Web-enabled Desktop Solutions

    Knowing the business value of high performance software and instant data access, our web development team helps clients bring the sophistication and operability of the Web to their desktop solutions to turn them into powerful and reliable tools.

Web Technologies Tailored to Cross-domain Needs

With a wide variety of platforms, frameworks, and components present on the market and a bunch of fresh ones continuously rolling in — sometimes bringing new coding techniques and approaches — we’ve been deliberately centering on such proven stacks as .NET, Java and MEAN.


  • JavaScript, jQuery, KendoUI
  • MVVM and SPA (Angular.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.js)
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • WebAPI, ServiceStack
  • EF, NHibernate, Dapper, LINQ2SQL
  • ORMLite
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Message Queues (MSMQ, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ)


  • Java EE, Java SE, Java ME
  • Spring Framework
  • Apache Struts, Apache Struts 2
  • Apache Velocity
  • Apache Sling
  • Apache RabbitMQ
  • Java Applets, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages
  • OSGi Framework
  • JCR (Day CRX, Alfresco, Apache JackRabbit)


  • MongoDB
  • MSSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis
  • AngularJS
  • JsViews, jQuery, Ember.js, React, Flux/Redux, Meteor, BackBone
  • Express, Node.js, Nockout
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, AJAX

Ensuring Web App Security

We have rich experience developing secure systems, including enterprise-level line-of-business web solutions where data sensitivity is mission-critical. Softeq's architects deliver secure multi-tier architecture, including that in Azure, for your client-server apps. Despite the level of ambitions and the business purpose your app pursues, we aim to follow the best practices of secure web development, including the following:

  • Default SSL usage (providing an SSL certificate)
  • Securing the web server instance and other instances on the same network with strong passwords
  • Avoiding to create SQL statements by concatenating strings that involve user input
  • Closing unused ports and turning off unused services
  • Using cookies securely
  • Preventing XSS injections
  • Separating permissions by user groups

Happy Global Customers

Some of the established clients with global presence have been counting on Softeq’s web expertise based on years of real-world development practice. Our web solutions have proved to be indispensable in bringing efficiency, reliability, and interactivity into day-to-day operations of such clients as NVIDIA, NIKE, and HP, among others.

Full-cycle Web Development Services Focused on Reliability and Flexibility

  • EXPERT TEAM. The development team is led by seasoned software architects, web application developers and business analysts with 6 to 12 years of hands-on experience
  • MATURE PROCESSES. We mitigate risks by driving complex long-term projects in line with proven methodologies, including Agile (SCRUM) and RAD, as well as such “classical” software development process framework as RUP
  • QUALITY CONTROL. Our QA department participates in the development process since the earliest stages to ensure comprehensive testing coverage and accurate quality assessment
  • FLEXIBILITY & TRANSPARENCY. We offer our clients a full range of engagement models to suit their business needs and project objectives

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