Web Application Development Services

Looking to build a new web app or enhance an existing one? Planning to shift from a legacy system to a cloud infrastructure capable of maintaining and processing large data volumes? Does your IoT solution need a robust back-end that efficiently operates in a distributed environment? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

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What We Build

  • IoT web solutions for enterprise and industrial needs. Web tools for IoT device management, data processing and analytics.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for sports performance management, banking and finance, education, healthcare and other business domains. Intelligent chat apps.

  • Natural language processing chatbots for online customer support. Custom human-like chatbots for popular messengers: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Cortana, Facebook Messenger and others.

  • Social networks for any purpose - from small solutions for corporate needs to large-scale platforms.

What You Get

Scalable Web Solutions

With our web application development services, you get a solution that is easy to expand and capable of handling bigger amounts of work. From the very start, we ensure your app’s scaling and dynamic sustainability.


Optimal Operational Performance

You’ll get a seamlessly performing, thoroughly tested web solution with components and modules shaping high availability architecture capable of handling even high loads.


100% Security

On the architecture level, we run thorough testing, vulnerability scans and source code analysis, which guarantees that your web app will comply with all the security standards of your industry.

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How Can We Help?

BI Solutions and Data Visualization

As a part of our web application development service, we provide our clients with multisource data-driven Business intelligence solutions that feature comprehensive and interactive visualizations of extra smart analytics.

Web-enabled Desktop Solutions

Knowing the business value of high performance software and instant data access, our web app development team helps clients bring the sophistication and operability of the Web to their desktop solutions to take full advantage of their power and reliability.

Ensuring Web App Security

We have vast experience developing secure systems, including enterprise-level line-of-business web solutions where data sensitivity is mission-critical.

Softeq's architects deliver secure multi-tier architecture, incorporating that in Azure, for your client-server apps. No matter the level of ambition and the business purpose of your app, we aim to follow the best practices of secure web development, including:

  • Default SSL usage (providing an SSL certificate)
  • Securing the web server instance and other instances on the same network with strong passwords
  • Avoiding creating SQL statements by concatenating strings that involve user input
  • Closing unused ports and turning off unused services
  • Using cookies securely
  • Preventing XSS injections
  • Separating permissions by user groups

Driving Digital Transformation

Softeq designs tailored web solutions supporting Digital Transformation initiatives: IoT dashboards and HMIs, enterprise apps with the decentralized architecture, secure collaboration tools, asset management systems, and booking software. Tap into our expertise to make your transition from analog to digital a smooth one!