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Software and Technology Industry

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Christopher Maus
Founder and CEO of uQontrol
Kozo Moriyama
OMRON's Lead Engineer
G.J. Gardner Homes
Trent Gardner
IT Manager, G.J. Gardner Homes
Todd Wilson
Surgeon, App Developer
A-List Enterprises
Jeff Johnston
Founder and CEO of A-List Enterprises
Gantom Lighting & Controls
Quan Gan
Owner of Gantom Lighting & Controls
ZAPS Technologies
Mike Brown
VP of ZAPS Technologies
Dialect Inc.
Jack McHenry
Co-founder and COO of Dialect Inc.
BlinkFX LED Devices
Joel Carter
Founder and COO of BlinkFX
Сhris Sanders
Head of IT from Xafinity
Jeremy Ross
Owner of TrojanTree
Dima Gutzeit
CTO of M800
PCS Systemtechnik GmbH
Stephan Speth
Marketing Manager of PCS Systemtechnik GmbH
Thorsten Stremlau
Global Commercial CTO of Lenovo
Colin HickeyHead of Product
In terms of project management, Softeq is bulletproof. They respond to things quickly, and they don't cheat by doing the bare minimum work to achieve the specs. They're apologetic if something doesn't work as planned, even if it's not their fault. And they turn around resolutions extremely quickly. Show full text
Ken SeethalerOn Device AI - Principal Engineer
Softeq has been a great collaborator to work with. They were always responsive, agile and provided strong project management. Deliverables were well-documented and well-packaged. Show full text
Bill RehbockGeneral Manager, Mobile Games, NVIDIA
I've been working with Softeq for over 15 years, first at Atari Corporation and now at NVIDIA ... Softeq is one of my most trusted "go-to" developers for projects. Show full text
ZAPS Technologies
Mike BrownVP Business Development
We hired Softeq to convert prototype software into production-level software, across the whole gamut from machine-level code all the way to web user interface. Show full text
Kozo MoriyamaLead Engineer
The Softeq team totally understood what we wanted to do. We are really satisfied with their work. If we had to do it ourselves, it would have cost more and taken longer. The Softeq team did it very efficiently. I really appreciate Softeq’s work and I would definitely recommend Softeq to our colleagues or customers. Show full text
Greg NeedelCEO of Rev Robotics
Going to an outside company like Softeq to do some lifting for us to get us past the hurdle seemed like an obvious choice. Softeq was able to say, "Hey, we know what you're doing." These are people who have worked on similar technology before ... It was a great experience. Show full text
Fifth Time Fastest Growing Private Company
We offer early-stage innovation, business consulting, and full-stack development services to enterprise companies and innovative startups

Consumer Electronics Industry

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Terry Anderton
Serial entrepreneur from Boston
AGU Baby
Lutwin Schommer
CEO of AGU Baby
Revolution Robotics
Jared Schrieber
President of Revolution Robotics
Munich Airport
Alexandr Libertin
Ex-VP of Projects & Development of Munich Airport
Lutwin SchommerProduct Manager, AGU Baby AG
Because of their excellent teamwork, we've achieved our goals. After the first six months of development, they had fixed the most important issues, doubled our audience, and increased the number of installations on both app stores … We feel secure having such a competent resource on our team. Show full text
Happiest Baby
Mika SaryanDirector of Software Development, Happiest Baby
The unique thing about them is that they are multidisciplinary. For a company like us, in the IoT space, they are very appealing because they have mobile-related expertise, backend expertise, and embedded expertise. Show full text
Revolution Robotics
Jared SchrieberPresident, Revolution Robotics
I think any start-up that is looking to build their first hardware product and doesn’t have all of the expertise in house, should consider working with Softeq. Because they bring experience from hundreds of projects to help make sure that as a start-up you don’t go through the mistakes that others have already made. Show full text
Hirokazu (Hiro) KitaokaSoftware Development Manager, Major Electronics Corporation
Softeq listened our voice very well and provided the detailed idea ... They were very committed. Although there was time difference between Houston and Minsk, they were communicating with me very well. Show full text
Every time I get feedback from your project team it is valuable! You project team came with recommendations for similar components but for the 30% reduced price Show full text

Media and Entertainment Industry

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Walt Disney
Greg Hale
Chief Safety Officer
Atlas Copco
Daniel Egaña
Web Manager at Atlas Copco
Christie Lites
NameFounder & CEO, Christie Lites
They really take pride in their work—they want the outcome to be something that they’re pleased with. That really showed in how they drove the project management side, by keeping to a schedule and pushing for project advancement. Show full text
Tim WestPresident, UIL Media
We wanted a larger, professional team that would be vested in our long-term vision and brand, and wouldn’t just put out the MVP in order to get paid … Softeq has a Houston headquarters so I was able to go scope them out myself. I was really impressed. They were professional, flexible, and reasonably priced. Show full text
Scala Z Media GmbH
Angelika HackerCEO of Scala Z Media GmbH
… [they] could provide all the services we needed in one place … The communication was excellent. they’re working with high professionalism to estimate the work before development in terms of what budget and timeline they’ll need to produce a certain quality … Show full text
4.9 / 5
Quality 5
Schedule 5
Cost 4.9
Willing to Refer 4.8
Xos Trucks
Saleh Heydari
VP of Software Engineering

Transportation Industry

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Mark WaltonCo-founder, Gorilla Safety
… Extremely good at developing for both iOS and Android devices, and coordinating … integration of the web app … Many companies do one or the other well, but not both. The experience … is completely opposite of our previous developer. Show full text
Munich Airport
Alexandr LibertinCEO, Sirius IT Solutions GmbH
… Softeq was a novice in the … airport workflow related matters … the team managed to meet my expectations. Thanks to the competent partner and dedicated, efficient, and technologically advanced implementation, we decided to strengthen our relationship further ... Since then we have been relying on the company’s professionalism in innovative solution delivery. Show full text
Alfredo GonzalezHead of Innovation Boost, Talgo
It makes a lot of sense to have a supplier like Softeq to provide both types of solutions—software and hardware—taking into account the digital transformation trend. Show full text

Clients from other industries talk about us

Sean SmithProject Manager, Kinduct
One thing that stood out for me was the team’s flexibility. Softeq routinely worked around our schedule, even if that meant working at night to accommodate our business hours. I’ve found the team to be conscientious, hardworking, and quick to tie up any loose ends. Show full text
Rugged Robotics
As for the project management, there was a clear communication of the next steps. Show full text
James GruttaDirector Of Product Development
Honestly, extremely impressed with the broad range of services Softeq can and does provide at a very high level. Show full text
Brad MarshallCo-Creator, SmartAC.com
The project had a number of unique aspects and the team was very perceptive and understanding what we were trying to achieve. The dev lead has done an excellent job of communicating the progress of the project on weekly basis. Show full text
Home Outside, Inc.
Julie Moir MesservyFounder and CEO of Home Outside
We are so lucky to work with such an excellent, resourceful, and efficient Softeq team. Everyone's giving their all to make Home Outside’s 3D/AI/ML landscape configurator the best it can be. Show full text