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How We Work

As a client-centric company, we value customer intimacy and treat clients as partners to create solutions together. We use an onshore cooperation model to reach our customer's ultimate project goals. The model helps drive the development process: our specialists become part of your in-house development force and work in your time zone so we are always available for consultation when issues come up.

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We are skilled at assembling, ramping up, and managing development teams of different sizes and structures.

We use the Waterfall model when your project deliverables are known from the very start. This approach requires thorough project documentation and estimation, a detailed schedule, proper change management, and in-depth reporting. A structured and sequential process, the Waterfall approach is perfect for fixed-price projects when:

  • You aren’t planning to change the scope of work
  • The project is simple, and the requirements are transparent and fixed
  • You have a very clear vision of your desired outcome

Our team of project managers has hands-on experience—and tens of projects delivered—using the Agile approach.

We turn to Agile when the project requirements are expected to evolve during the development process. This approach has built-in flexibility for changing roadmaps, plans, and iterations. Using the Agile approach (with Scrum, Kanban, and ScrumBan methodologies), it is easy to prioritize solution features and adjust development efforts accordingly. Agile is most suitable when:

  • The final product feature set is not set in stone
  • Rapid deployment is the goal
  • You and/or the project stakeholders anticipate modifying the scope during the project

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Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price (FP) model is best for cost control when the scope of work (SoW) is firm, and technical requirements and project specification are defined beforehand. FP projects typically require thorough planning and requirements analysis. With Fixed Price, you spend less effort on project management and get:

  • A complete project within the agreed timeframe
  • A predictable budget that will not change within the agreed upon scope
  • A development team, fully responsible for on-budget product delivery

Time & Materials Model

The Time and Materials model is well suited to long and short term engagements and also works well for R&D, and exploration. The services provided under this model span consulting, development, and testing, with hourly rates depending on the skillset, experience, and location of the resources involved. The Time and Materials model provides:

  • High flexibility in terms of project requirements, scope, and functionality
  • A pay-as-you-go approach: the total cost is determined by the amount of time and effort spent during the billable period
  • Complete control over the budget and the timeframes: you can change the scope and priorities in order to stay on track

Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated Development Team is a full-time extension to your development team. The model is best for long-term stability and projects with a flexible scope. Choose the dedicated development team if you need:

  • Transparent monthly payments depending on the team’s size
  • A stable team with a relevant skillset, fully dedicated to your project
  • Full-cycle service—from development to testing and support—with no need to engage another external vendor
  • Full control over the team and processes
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Why Softeq?

Continuous Interaction

We offer an onshore collaboration option for companies that are looking to have technicians close at hand. The onshore cooperation model helps minimize miscommunication, secure optimal knowledge transfer among teams, obtain insight into local processes, and facilitate project onboarding.


Supervised Processes

Our project and delivery managers ensure timely delivery of your solutions. Project managers plan the work against your deadlines, prioritize tasks based on the team's capacity, and ensure the quality of your deliverables. Our delivery managers ensure the process is both uniform and efficient.


Transparent Communication

We guarantee total transparency in terms of the process and progress of your project. You’ll be able to track project activities, get access to detailed documentation, and access project management software tools at all times. We can also provide any report you need: from overarching status updates for top management to detailed breakdowns for line managers.


Skilled Team

We are a strong team with years of hands-on experience in programming as well as business and systems analysis. Through our project management, leadership, and soft skills, you'll get what you need, how you need it. Our project managers continuously focus on improving and facilitating the development process, delivering your projects on tight deadlines.