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Digital Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

We help health facilities overhaul legacy IT systems, automate medical image analysis, and monitor patients’ well-being in and out of the hospital. Softeq also provides turnkey product development services to digital health startups working on custom medical devices — activity trackers, insulin pumps, or diagnostic equipment.

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Healthcare Life Science Industry solutions

Types of Healthcare IT Solutions We Develop

Why Softeq?

Data Interoperability

Our team will find an optimal way to connect your custom device or application to hospital, pharmacy, and health insurance software.


We run manual and automated tests (hardware, firmware, web, mobile) to make sure your healthcare technology system is resistant to hacking and protects patient data.


We build software and hardware solutions that meet industry-specific standards and regulations: HIPAA, HL7, GMP, DICOM, and FDA among others.

From Sensor Data to Smart Insights

As a company that specializes in IoT solutions, we can help you collect and analyze the data coming from an array of wearable sensors, vital sign monitors, point of care (POC) equipment, and medication dispensers connected to the Internet, hospital software, and each other.

Transforming Healthcare Reality

We can assist you in building and fine-tuning the performance of AR-based remote guidance systems for operating theatres and medical schools. Softeq can also create an Augmented Reality mobile app serving as a user interface and manual for complex medical equipment.