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Infrastructure modernization sits at the top of most utility companies’ to-do lists. With the push for sustainability and renewable opportunities, up-to-date equipment is a must. But is swapping the old for the new the only solution?

Here at Softeq, we specialize in development services for smart utilities. We’ll help you upgrade your infrastructure so that you can get full visibility into your assets and improve your operational efficiency. This will also help you meet sustainability requirements and use new energy sources. We’re here to seamlessly guide you through the changing utility landscape.

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How Can Utility Tech Help Businesses Stop Wasting Their Budget?

Wondering why businesses often end up losing money on utilities? 

  • The main culprit is usually a lack of visibility into their operations, leading to inefficient use of resources. This issue can be easily resolved with IoT.

  • Businesses can also suffer from budget waste due to equipment malfunctions and poor performance. Luckily, you can address this problem by harnessing the power of digital twins and AI.

  • Another area of concern is asset health and maintenance, which can also cause financial losses. In this case, digital twins, AI, and drones provide solutions.

By switching to smart utilities, you can resolve all of these issues. It may seem complex, but the specific problem you’re facing determines the level of complexity involved.

Sure, a smart utility solution requires an initial financial outlay, but it’s a one-time investment. Just think about how much money you stand to lose permanently if you don’t take action:

80% You see how much more energy is consumed by buildings that don’t use digital twins as opposed to those that do (source: Accenture).
63% That’s how much higher the costs are for waste utility companies operating in a traditional way compared to those using IoT (source: Sensoneo).
50% That’s how much more downtime can cost utility companies without AR-assisted maintenance activities (source: UtilityAR).
40% You see how much more expensive wastewater infrastructure inspections are for utility companies that don’t use drones than those that do (source: Flyability).

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How Can Smart Utilities Improve Energy Management?

Moving toward sustainability is a bit of a puzzle for energy utility companies. They have to fit renewable sources into the existing power grid and, at the same time, manage their unpredictable energy output to keep things running smoothly. On top of that, they’re tasked with cutting down energy use, both in-house and for their customers. That’s where utility tech comes in. With smart solutions, utility companies can:

  • Predict renewable energy generation for optimal planning
  • Balance energy supply from both traditional and alternative sources to meet demand
  • Optimize energy storage systems to store excess renewable energy during peak production
  • Enhance grid asset efficiency through predictive maintenance
  • Drive energy savings on the consumer side for sustainable consumption
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How Can Smart Utilities Improve Water Management?

The US water infrastructure is getting old. The average age of water pipes is 45 years, and some cast iron pipes are over a century old. This means utility companies have to handle breakdowns, leaks, and water quality concerns. That’s where utility tech can change the game. With smart technologies, companies can:

  • Monitor the condition of infrastructure components
  • Maintain control over water quality throughout the distribution network
  • Monitor water usage and forecast future demand
  • Monitor water levels to prevent flooding
  • Detect leaks to conserve water resources
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How Can Smart Utilities Improve Waste Management?

Waste collection in most US cities hasn’t been upgraded in the last 50 years, and it’s starting to show. But it’s not just about the ever-growing waste consumption of our expanding population—our consumption habits have also morphed over time. We’re dealing with new waste streams, like e-waste and unconventional packaging, that require special disposal. Here’s where tech can step up to the plate. By rolling out utility tech, companies can:

  • Streamline waste collection routes to minimize fuel consumption
  • Monitor waste levels in real time
  • Automate the sorting process to reduce labor costs
  • Optimize maintenance schedules to extend the lifespan of their infrastructure
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How We Helped Our Customers Create Solutions for Smart Utilities

Looking for a proven solution to boost environmental performance?

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No Need to Juggle Multiple Vendors

At Softeq, we offer a suite of software, hardware, and embedded development services under one roof. This makes us a one-stop shop for clients who want to create a solution for smart utilities. We can manage all aspects of the development process, so there’s no need to look for another vendor.


Scaling Your Project Quickly and Efficiently

Do you want to scale your project, but you don’t have enough hands? Power your team with our engineers. Softeq can also put an entire team with a relevant skill set, fully dedicated to your project, at your disposal. Learn more about our cooperation models.


Enhancing Your Environmental Performance

If you’re looking for a solution to improve your environmental performance, we’re here to help. We implement systems that help companies make their operations more sustainable. See how we can support you with our sustainability services.