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Our Services across the Hardware Development Life Cycle

Whether you are looking to revamp your existing product by executing a complete makeover under the hood, get your obsolete electronics up and running compliant with recent regulations, or seeking a trusted service provider capable of developing out of the box low-level systems from scratch and performing efficient hardware verification and testing, partner with us for a reliable solution. Be it a loosely sketched idea or a large-scale project underway, our PCB designers and electrical engineers will give you a hand at any stage leaving no stone unturned to help you keep ahead of your competition.

  • JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) testing
  • Sample board manufacturing
  • Board bring-up, verification and validation
  • Enclosure design
  • Mass production support

Circuit Design: Digital, Analog, and Mixed Electronics Development

  • High-speed SoC, SoM, and SBC development: multicore CPU, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, FPGA, CPLD, eMMC, NAND
  • SoC, SoM, and SBC-based electronics development: ATX, ETX, PC-104, SMARC, and more
  • Video streaming and processing: CMOS image sensor, video encoder/decoder
  • Wireless communication technologies: Bluetooth (BLE 4.x/BLE 5.0), WiFi a/b/g/n, ZigBee, GSM, GPS
  • High-speed communication technologies: PCIe Gen2/3, SATA R.3.x, LVDS, SDI, 10/100/100 Base Ethernet, USB up to 3.x, HDMI, CSI, MIPI, and more

Proof of Concept Using Development Kits

When it comes to manufacturing of easily running PoC solutions in the early stages of a project, implementation of off-the-shelf development boards proves to be to no end efficient with respect to lead time, cost, and supportability. Apart from implying tangible financial benefits for our customers, this approach provides project parties with an opportunity to assess the feasibility of future device afoot. Getting to work with the prototype, the team wraps their heads around the solution’s architecture to assign the main CPU, define approximate size of future device, and thus get a good ground for first estimations.

Schematic Diagram Development

A proper circuit design is a fountainhead of efficient PCB fabrication. Leveraging the whole two-decade low-level expertise harbored under Softeq’s roof, we assist our valued patrons in tackling their schematic and PCB design issues of any complexity — from devising simple electronic boards to producing high-end assemblies far beyond the standard set of properties.

Handling the complete cycle of PCB design from the ground up, we give it a start by composing a functional block diagram, which is a well-documented business logic of the solution assembly process. For our clients, that’s a surefire way to get a fully detailed project vision and scope document that specifies a whole set of key functions and properties of a system, including a comprehensive list of CPU characteristics, memory capacity, and more.

Another advantage well-appreciated by our customers is that Softeq’s hardware designers take care of the package selection long before proceeding with circuit design. An elaborate part library implies a perfect risk mitigator all the way during the project, consequently saving a good deal of time. If you require solely a component library provision, our team will compile them, and make sure they are IEC 60617, IPC-7351, and IPC-7251-compliant, on a fixed price basis. Carefully verified by a squad of seasoned hardware QA specialists, clear and concise component database will be generated from CAD/CAM software. Softeq is also ready to serve as an unbiased third party for system verification at any stage of product development.

“This design was performed by competent engineers and they have done a fine job. The areas of the design that we reviewed in detail showed good engineering practices and good technology selections. We have reviewed the BOMs and found a few parts with availability issues, but no show-stoppers,” testifies one of our clients to Softeq's electrical engineering competency.

PCB Layout and Design Services

Being a core stage within the entire electronics development process, PCB design entails a gamut of challenging tasks. With our team of industry-certified PCB designers and Electrical Engineers, Softeq is fully equipped to deliver highly reliable and cost-effective ISO9001-qualified embedded hardware solutions to meet your most demanding schedules.

Engaged in a series of nontrivial projects for the consumer, automotive, industrial, telecom, and medical markets, our tech squad leverages the extensive expertise along with professional design and proprietary verification tools to significantly accelerate development cycle. Our personalized service coupled with strict cost containment work together to reduce the number of iterations, optimize manufacturing process, and improve electrical and thermal performance.

How We Address Any and All Printed Circuit Board Design Issues

As far as demands for the future tech generation scale higher, it is the printed circuit board phase that should be taken special care of within every hardware design undertaking. To make sure your PCB layout and routing are done in a streamlined and top-grade manner, it’s not enough for us to simply meet mechanical housing requirements. Softeq’s primary concern when designing a system is to carefully arrange all the components — from processor, memory, and passive ones, to connectors, accurately reproducing both vendor tech requirements and customer specification.

  • Stack-up/ build-up development:
    creating internal PCB structure composed of dedicated materials
  • Transmission lines configuration arrangement:
    calculation of 3D structures, conductivity and impedance profile
  • Multi-layer PCB design:
    building high-density 12+ layer circuits featuring multiple conductive signal layers and power planes to improve assembly flexibility
  • High-speed PCB layout:
    a timely and efficient implementation of complex high-speed interfaces (multi-GHz SerDes lines, LVDS, DDR memory, USB, PCIe, SATA, etc.)
  • Radio-frequency (RF) design:
    layout of devices that incorporate wireless data exchange functionality (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, etc.)
  • High-Density Interconnect (HDI):
    PCBs that feature finer lines and spaces; require to employ either blind and buried, or uVIA and via-in-pad technologies for fine-pitch ICs (typically BGAs)
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB design:
    complex PCB structures comprised of flexible sections exploited as interconnectors for the rigid parts
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM):
    PCB layout optimization achieved through the application of specialized techniques intended to eliminate potential manufacturing issues
  • Design for Assembly (DFA):
    a roadmap for circuit board assembly built upon the company’s proprietary IPC-compliant PCB libraries to avoid tombstoning and other assembly issues
Advanced Modeling & Analysis

Many problems with signal loss, noise susceptibility, power dissipation, overheating, impedance issues, and others can be tackled during initial PCB design iterations. This will help eliminating costly flaw corrections at later stages. To ensure product integrity, reliability, performance, and high production characteristics, Softeq will perform:

  • PCB 3D modeling
  • Thermal modeling
  • Signal integrity analysis (SI)
  • Power integrity analysis (PI)
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) verification

Industry-specific Skills in Electronics Design

Either for a small-scale business that is bent on making it to a fail-safe PoC solution, or for mature tech market companies applying for challenging upgrades to maintain a decent competitive edge, we adhere to an open-partnering approach. Our industry-certified team delivers personalized service along with sophisticated equipment applicable to the following domains:

  • Internet of Things
  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Motion control systems
  • Industrial and commercial electronic equipment
  • Assistive telecare technologies

How can we help you?

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