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If you are looking to get the most out of your hardware, firmware programming will help you. New firmware can integrate devices into a single IoT system. Additionally, it can help control them remotely and process data from sensors. Our firmware development services will empower your hardware and improve processes.

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Firmware Solutions for IoT and Consumer Electronics

  • Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

    As part of our firmware development services, Softeq helps clients customize Android. To this end, we build a custom operating system using AOSP, install it on a Linux or macOS device, apply changes to the source code to enable the desired functionality, and keep the OS up-to-date following the gadget’s release.

  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development

    Softeq creates BSP firmware featuring applications, libraries, and device drivers. Our firmware allows a Linux or real-time operating system (RTOS) to function on a custom device. We also provide board bring-up services to prepare gadgets and hardware components for mass production.

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

    Our firmware development expertise in DSP spans real-time analysis of sensor, audio, and video data. We can augment DSP solutions with machine learning algorithms, locally or in the cloud. This helps detect objects in a camera feed or remove noise from a voice recording. In equipment monitoring, it also aids pattern recognition.

  • Linux Kernel Development

    Our Linux Kernel developers go down to the OS core to modify the Linux layer that accesses hardware. This way, we can extend a gadget’s memory, optimize CPU usage, manage peripherals, and use custom-built drivers to interface the device with other IT infrastructure components.

  • Bare Metal Firmware for Sensors

    Using bare metal firmware development, we can create a program without an operating system. This enables your device to execute a task without external control. In this case, our team will write an application for a specific use case and insert it directly into your hardware. This way, we can teach your devices to capture data from sensors. They will then send it to the cloud in real time. Or, we can configure specific intervals for data transfer.

Our Approach to Firmware Development


We analyze your hardware solution to choose an appropriate firmware architecture pattern, eliminate OS overheads, and meet latency and power consumption requirements.



When building firmware, we take into account various economic and technological factors that may affect the cost of deploying, maintaining, and extending your technology solution in the long run.



Our firmware development company provides an array of quality assurance services. Before our code makes it to production, we make sure that it’s clean and secure. For this, we test both firmware and low-level software. We also apply PCB assembly testing and signal integrity analysis.

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End-to-end Service

Softeq provides full-cycle embedded firmware development services covering every stage of your project—from initial analysis, requirements management, PCB and enclosure design, and rapid prototyping to implementation and ongoing support.

Focus on IoT

Softeq has hands-on experience building embedded software for the Internet of Things, including connected equipment, robotics, drones, enterprise CCTV systems, wearables, and smart home solutions.

System Thinking

To be able to deliver a high-performance and reliable product, we make sure all components of the system (firmware, low-level software, back-end, mobile apps) are interconnected and optimized.