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Transformational Management of Enterprise Applications

Softeq offers application support and maintenance services to ensure your mission-critical software demonstrates secure, fault-free operation and fast performance. We help CIOs boost agility and simplify support of software assets, while allowing for continuous improvement and consistency of UX drawing on usability, usage efficiency, and overall business productivity.

  • Application support
  • Preventive and proactive software maintenance
  • Application enhancement
  • Performance tuning
  • Security audit
  • Legacy app modernization
  • System monitoring
  • Backup and recovery

Application Support during Development

We guarantee smooth interaction with the development and support engineers, with no data loss and interruptions, achieved through proper documentation of all issues and requests, along with close requirement, development, and defect management. By default, for prioritizing, documenting and routing the received support issues we use an Atlassian JIRA based Help Desk system, however we are flexible to use any other tool you are using. The Help Desk enables the application support team to quickly respond to users’ inquiries, check the progress of each task, exchange comments, and track history of actions for each particular case. As part of a basic software support package, we offer the following support activities:

Issue analysis, troubleshooting, and bug fixes

Application upgrades

System availability and performance monitoring

App Support Service Level Agreement

Under the Support Service Level Agreement that defines particular scope, quality, and responsibilities of the involved parties, Softeq provides software support services in compliance with the following definitions:

Level 1

Delivered to the user/customer in response to the initial notification of a suspected problem.

Level 2

A service provided by Softeq’s Support Engineer to a user/customer by reproducing and/or fixing the suspected problem.

Level 3

An expert-level troubleshooting that involves isolation of the source code defects and other complex technical issues, and providing bug corrections and fixes.

Application Maintenance Services

Our perfective and corrective application maintenance aims at improving, re-engineering or customizing the customer’s system, as well as fixing errors and removing obsolete capabilities that negatively affect the system performance and functionality.

Adaptive maintenance is designed to verify that the changes introduced to the system environment do not affect the software and hardware operation and that it continues to function in a stable and reliable manner. Scheduled maintenance facilitates update and release management to ensure the system is driven by the latest technology.

Whether you’re looking to secure a rock-solid support of your next software development initiative or require proven application support and maintenance activities for troubleshooting an existing system, while helping it evolve, Softeq is your best bet in helping meet these challenges, and beyond.

Streamlined Process

From initial knowledge transfer to a well-targeted set of remedy activities through to full-scale software support and maintenance phase — our software sustainment services address every facet of the application post-release lifecycle.


  • Secure knowledge transfer from the current team to us
  • Existing architecture and code audit
  • Functional and performance testing followed by results analysis
  • Related documentation audit

Remedy Activities

  • Hot fixes
  • Performance tuning
  • Elaboration of missing documentation
  • Enhancements planning

Maintenance & Support

  • Online Help Desk and support service
  • Issue tracking and troubleshooting
  • Scheduled and custom updates
  • Backup and recovery

Tailored Software Support Services

We provide a 30 day warranty for any software and firmware Softeq delivers as a full-cycle service that includes QA and stabilization phases. During this period any defects found are fixed free of charge. The warranty period is covered by the Level 2 and Level 3 Support services:

Level 2

The Level 2 Support applies to the issues that can be resolved without making changes in the source code (for instance, fixing data directly in databases, adjusting application settings or changing a server configuration, application restarting, etc.). The 2nd Level Support may be provided as a 24x7 service upon additional request.

Level 3

The Level 3 Support are those including changes to the source code that are needed in order to resolve issues or malfunctions with the production applications. Similarly to development, such activities need to be discussed and approved by the client and, preferably, planned in advance so that their implementation does not impact critical business activities of the customer.

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