Application Maintenance & Support Services

If you want to further scale your project, implement new features, or update legacy code with modern technologies, our Customer Care department is ready to help. Our application maintenance & support services have been created to improve and extend the lifetime of your solution.

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What We Do

Level 1 Support (24/7)

Our L1 support engineers keep a close eye on initial notifications to be sure we can respond immediately. If issues concerning low network performance, application stability and others arise, the team will analyze the information, and determine the best way to resolve a problem.

Our L1 services cover:

  • Basic support and troubleshooting
  • System availability and performance monitoring
  • Back-office activities: modifying accounts, password resets, communication with end users

If necessary, our L1 engineers escalate tickets to Level 2 or Level 3 support.


Level 2 Support (24/7)

If the issue doesn’t require changes to the source code, our L2 engineers will restore the system as quickly as possible.

Our L2 engineers can:

  • Configure servers
  • Deploy monitoring systems
  • Move IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Provide DevOps services

If the system malfunction is caused by issues in the source code, the support request will be assigned to a Level 3 engineer.


Level 3 (L3) Support

Our L3 engineers will provide expert troubleshooting of complex technical issues such as:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Performing audit and code review
  • Updating legacy apps
  • Implementing new features

What You Get



Thanks to the multi-faceted capabilities of our Customer Care team, our support engineers provide an individual approach and a variety of engagement models that can be adjusted to your business needs and meet your budget objectives.



Our team strives to better support customers at scale. We follow our own Compliance Matrix and Service Level Agreements to deliver solutions that are easy to expand and configure.


Proactive Monitoring

With our software maintenance and support services, you can get a thorough view of the health of your networks, applications, and security infrastructure before vulnerabilities occur.


Swift Incident Management

We help keep your enterprise prepared for unexpected disruptions, fix them ASAP, and return your solution to an operational state.

How Can We Help?

Post-Release Software Maintenance and Support

Softeq offers application maintenance and support services to ensure your solution demonstrates secure, fault-free operation and fast performance. Our team helps customers boost agility and simplify support and maintenance for software development projects, while allowing for continuous improvement and consistency of UX.

We generally use a Help Desk system based on Atlassian JIRA for prioritizing, documenting and routing support issues. The Help Desk enables our application maintenance and support team to quickly respond to users’ inquiries, check the progress of each task, exchange comments, and track a history of actions for each ticket.