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Deep Learning with Algorithms Training on Big Data

Building a neural network and training it on massive data to perform certain actions, such as identification, analysis or forecast, can be ultimately important for your business. All you need is a powerful technology. Softeq has been investing into R&D in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) related areas long before the actual business need for solutions powered with such tech emerged. Providing advanced genetic algorithms that underlie the neural network training, our experts will collaborate with you to help you enter machine learning and articulate the right goals for the solution. Be it comprehensive analytics, online recommendations, cognitive computing or prediction engines, we will do our best to ensure the technology supports your vision.

“We attracted many math whizzes, scientists and programming contest winners, because the algorithmic challenges we face are many times more challenging than what an average outsourcing company can handle,” said Christopher A. Howard, Softeq CEO and Founder.

Our Expertise in Engineering AI/Machine Learning Solutions

For a team that proficient in algorithm development, for Softeq, engineering ML-powered solutions evolved as a competency quite naturally. Softeq’s experts keenly turned their hands to the AI space, already having practical experience in a number of ML application areas.

  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision

    — developing algorithm-powered ability to distill useful information from an image or a sequence of images.

  • Product Recommendation

    Product Recommendation

    — content classification by similarity or behavior-based criteria used by ecommerce portals or multimedia platforms, including image categorization, genre detection, similar product suggestion, order management.

  • Face Recognition

    Face Recognition

    – programming systems with ability to locate and automatically identify faces in digital imagery or video footage, including video streaming.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    — implementing software for programmatic intent analysis, statistical machine translation, OCR and text processing, and analysis of real world speech patterns leveraged for instance in smart search solutions.

  • Chatbots


    — designing AI-powered chatter bots for messengers, such as Skype and custom-built VoIP and IM apps.

  • Voice and Speech Recognition

    Voice and Speech Recognition

    — development of automatic speech to text (or command) conversion solutions, integration of business apps with voice recognition service such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc.

ML/DL Algorithm Development for IoT

Solutions for the Internet of Things — software and devices — produce loads of data, which need to be analyzed to provide a useful insight or become actionable knowledge. Machine learning powered solutions will help you monitor behaviors, uncover patterns, assist in predicting peaks and problems, and more. Softeq offers our team’s programming and data management competences to create complex, algorithmic systems to support your operational needs.

Here is the list of algorithms we have already utilized: Gradient Descent / Stochastic / Mini-batch, Linear Regression / Multiple Variables, Logistic Regression, Multiclass Classification, Support Vector Machines, Unsupervised Learning, Anomaly Detection, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural and Convolutional Networks.

Sensor Data Analysis

Solutions for sensor data acquisition and comprehensive analysis of data collected and generated by global networks of connected devices.

Internet of Cars

Smart cockpits, accident prevention software, autopilots and self-driving cars powered by smart camera solutions and innovative technologies such as Intel® RealSense™ and NVIDIA Drive PX 2.


AI and all-round software empowering robots of all kinds — from simpler robots with human-machine interfaces to advanced highly-interactive robots targeting caregiving, education, healthcare in the near future.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Developer Tech Mix

    • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
    • Amazon Machine Learning
    • IBM Watson
    • Google Prediction
    • BigML
    • Python
    • OpenCV
    • Microsoft Cognitive Services
    • Apache Spark
    • TensorFlow

  • Machine Learning API Capabilities

    Machine Learning API Capabilities

    • Smart Tagging
    • Priority Filtering
    • Spam Filtering
    • Similar Product Suggestions
    • Image Recognition
    • Speech Recognition
    • Text Processing
    • Prediction Mechanisms
    • Performance Management
    • IoT Data Management

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