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Softeq develops middleware solutions to interconnect IT system components that were not necessarily designed to work together: multi-vendor Smart Homes, legacy enterprise apps and collaborative robots, self-driving cars and web services, etc.

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Middleware Development for Enterprises and Customer-facing Businesses

What We Do

Device Driver Development

Softeq builds drivers that help accomplish two goals: connect the internal components of a custom device and interface it with external systems, such as cloud-based services, apps, or 3rd-party gadgets. Our knowledge spans:

  • Mobile and desktop OSs: macOS, Windows, Android, Linux
  • Consumer electronics: wearables, smart TVs, storage devices, PCs
  • Industrial technology: manufacturing equipment, robots, drones, surveillance cameras

Software Development Kit (SDK) Solutions

We create middleware for application development, including OS and hardware-specific SDKs for custom devices. With an SDK, your standalone gadget or development board becomes a robust platform that:

  • Allows 3rd-party vendors to integrate it with existing apps, devices, and databases
  • Can collect sensor data and send it to the cloud: AWS, Azure, Google
  • Communicates with other gadgets via BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, MQTT, etc.

AI-based Middleware

We incorporate custom-trained Machine Learning models into middleware solutions to enhance their business logic. This allows us to create autonomous systems that retrieve data from different sources (enterprise apps, web, sensors) and act on it. Softeq can help you with:

  • Middleware for edge and fog computing
  • Integration with voice assistants: Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant
  • Self-learning Smart Homes
  • IoT systems that self-adjust depending on the workload and input data

Middleware Code Optimization

Softeq has devised a set of activities to speed up IT systems, which are performing heavy computing. We optimize the middleware code and partially transfer the workload from a gadget’s central processor (CPU) to coprocessors, such as GPUs. Here’s how we do it:

  • Analyze hardware capacity
  • Install software libraries and drivers providing access to the hardware components
  • Tweak the code to enhance app-to-device interactions
  • Evaluate the system's performance and make any necessary adjustments

Project Rescue Services

Softeq helps launch products faster by taking over stalled and failed projects initiated by other vendors. To that end, we will:

  • Define software requirements through a Discovery Phase and a PoC
  • Prioritize the project scope to improve time to market
  • Refactor the middleware code or write it from scratch
  • Run manual and automated tests

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How Can We Help?

R&D Capabilities

We draw on our hardware design and ML algorithm training expertise to carry out innovative projects, where raw data comes from a range of sensors and is processed at the middleware level.

Focus on Data Interoperability

Our embedded development specialists will ensure smooth data flow between IoT solutions, mobile apps, wearables, and enterprise applications that use different architecture patterns and technology stacks.

Superior Performance

Sometimes it is not possible to improve an IT system’s performance on the hardware side. In this case, Softeq will examine the embedded software, find bottlenecks, and come up with an improvement plan, which does not affect the system’s functionality while utilizing the available resources to the fullest.