Digital Solutions for Media
and Entertainment (M&E)

When you’re building digital media and entertainment solutions, you need a development partner who knows how to deliver high bandwidth content on a global scale. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest network and content delivery brands to create hardware, firmware and software solutions. We also know how to partner on your highly complex projects through a variety of working models including complex distributed teams.

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Why Go Digital?

Telecoms, media firms, production studios, and other businesses on the M&E market see improved levels of customer support, more personalized services, and advanced network quality as the most important levers at their disposal. 

Households and private consumers are cutting the cord and signing up for cloud-based video platforms. The winners in the space will be players who focus on seamless, high-quality experiences, secure video and data distribution, and advanced audio technologies. 

Video Streaming
4 out of 5 US consumers subscribe to at least one paid streaming video service (source: DeLoitte)
Number of Services
4 the average amount of streaming subscriptions a US consumer has (source: DeLoitte)
Market Volume
$184B is the video streaming market’s expected revenue in 2027 (source: Grand View Research, Inc.)

Digital Solutions We Deliver

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