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Climate Tech is now the most important worldwide trend in energy use and efficiency. And IoT is here to measure any process that needs optimization. That’s why many established companies are moving towards digital transformation with IoT. For startups, it’s a good time to carve out a niche in the cleantech sector. Softeq helps advance the clean tech revolution with our IoT and AI solutions.

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ClimateTech is Gaining Momentum. Here’s Proof

Governments around the world are taking serious steps to stop global climate change. One hundred thirty-seven countries have already committed to carbon neutrality. Thirty of them have put a target year on their policies and laws.

To fight against climate change, huge sums of money are now being allocated—sums that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. And the demand for systems that reduce carbon footprint is set to grow. For climate change startups, it’s a good time to bring their innovative energy solutions to the market.

Clean tech venture capital
>25 ¢ of every venture capital dollar went toward climate tech in 2021 (source: PwC)
Average cost reduction for renewables
x3 decrease in renewable costs over the past 5 years (source: Silicon Valley Bank)
Sharp rise in investment
24x increase in global climate tech investment between 2012 and 2022 (source: Dealroom)
Increase in deal size
+40% increase of the average deal size in the US between 2021 and 2022 (source: Net Zero Insights)

Green Tech Solutions in Focus

Software and Technology, Industrial Manufacturing

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Leveraging Internet of Things for Energy Efficiency

The IoT brings energy solutions to the next level. Taking into account IoT data, these systems help reduce electricity bills, provide comfort, and a stable energy supply.

At Softeq, we have everything needed for developing innovative energy solutions under one roof. Are you building a novel device from the ground up and need technical help or advice from the best entrepreneurs of the field? With us, you can take your product from conceptualization to trial manufacturing to mass production.

Helping Startups Grow

Do you already have an idea for an innovative cleantech solution and you need funding?

The Softeq Venture Studio supports startups with technology guidance and much-needed cash. Our studio is based in Houston, which is the leader in the energy transition. We support the local entrepreneurial community—from dedicated associations to progressive startups and larger businesses to help you bring your climate tech idea to the next level.

Together, we’ll build a demo, proof of concept, or enhance the development of your existing solution, so you’ll be able to move to the next round of funding. Learn more about our Venture Studio.