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The booming Pet Tech market is interesting both to emerging startups focused on pet care, and established manufacturers, willing to conquer the new market. At Softeq, we help such companies establish a market presence and outpace the competition with our hardware and software expertise. We design smart pet devices and develop a connected ecosystem behind them.

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Pet industry startups are raising large funding rounds: Here is why

Tech companies have seized on the Pet Care industry for a reason. The pet market is booming as more households are bringing pets into their home and spending more funds on their health and wellbeing. 

Pet owners spend growing sums of money on pet health monitoring devices, location tracking gadgets, and veterinary telemedicine. The COVID-19 lockdown has intensified the trend, and brought to life revolutionary products in Pet IoT.

Tech-savvy Millennials
69% Millennials tend to use tech to keep track of companion animals (versus 30% of Boomers eager to do the same)
Above-average income
16.8% Pet owners have a household income of $100K and more
Pet industry expenditure
$99Bn Total amount of pet supply sales in the US market in 2020
Pet Tech startup funding
$2.9Bn The sum invested in Pet Tech startups

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IoT in Pet Tech

Emerging startups and established tech companies have an equal chance for success in the Pet Tech IoT market. Softeq becomes a reliable tech partner with our profound experience in developing smart IoT hardware and software for pets. We can assist you with the design, development, and integration of solutions for fully connected smart ecosystems. Softeq offers solid analytical capabilities that will help you gain actionable insights and deliver smart pet tech products that will be in high demand.

AI in Pet Tech

Big data and AI can be applied to multiple areas of interest in Pet Tech solutions – pet recognition, Pet Tech gadgets, AI-powered laser toys, preventive veterinary telemedicine, and so on. Our specialists can analyze your business and determine which use cases will generate the best ROI. We can help you discern the most perspective direction and what new tech will drive profitability and help gain the market. Once you partner with an expert AI team, you will find the best way to integrate smart solutions into your Pet IoT project.