Consumer Internet of Things

Rely on our expertise in IoT development to create consumer IoT solutions that bring convenience to your customers' homes and monitor their well-being and physical activity. We are well-versed in hardware design, embedded apps, cloud platforms, web and mobile solutions.

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Consumer IoT Solutions We Develop

Smart Clothes and Accessories

We have practical experience designing smart wristwear and apparel enhanced with body, motion, and position sensors. Our wearables keep track of user activity and collect robust biometric data: heart rate, calorie intake, step count, weight, etc. Our portfolio features:

  • Smartwatches
  • Fitness trackers
  • Connected luxury bracelets
  • Shoe insoles
  • Fabric-based sensors
  • Smart headwear: safety helmets, AR/VR headsets


We’ll help you build BLE-enabled ear-worn devices that go beyond music. Equipped with audio enhancement capabilities, our hearables help people with hearing impairments, as well as supplement and augment users’ listening experience. Turn to Softeq to design:

  • Smart hearing aids
  • In-ear devices for simultaneous interpreting
  • Headphones with AI-based noise cancellation capabilities

IoT for Pets

We will help you design pet monitoring solutions enhanced with body and position sensors, GPS modules, built-in microphones, speakers, and cameras. Our know-how includes connected collars, GPS trackers, and smart feeders. With our solutions, your customers will:

  • Monitor their pet’s location and physical activity
  • Control their pet’s behavior using voice commands and electric stimulation
  • Limit their pet's ability to freely roam, which could limit road accidents

Connected Home Solutions

We create Smart Home solutions that optimize energy use in residential and office buildings, improve home security, enable remote climate control, and allow users to manage home appliances via voice commands. Our know-how includes:

  • Smart lighting systems
  • IoT systems for HVAC
  • Alexa-controlled smart homes
  • Self-learning smart devices
  • Home security solutions: surveillance cameras, smart bells, biometric door locks

Baby Care IoT Solutions

Turn to Softeq to design smart solutions aiding parents in baby care. Our solutions support remote baby monitoring, simplify medical care, and facilitate everyday routines for caregivers. In our portfolio, we have:  

  • A smart bassinet with embedded sound sensors, that recognizes when a baby is crying and automatically chooses the appropriate soothing level necessary to calm them
  • Connected medical devices: non-contact thermometers, nebulizers, etc.
  • A smart baby formula

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With a focus on consumer Internet of Things solutions and the associated IoT development services, we help customers build connected products that function and scale well, and are easy to use.

Ultimate Security

Our connected consumer electronics are well protected from cyber attacks. To protect against hacking, we encrypt data, implement user authentication, and use secure connectivity protocols and technologies.