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We build extensible on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions for mobile, web, desktop, and IoT systems that scale together with your growing business needs.

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We Cover

  • Back-end Application Development

    Our backend web development services include building scalable, fault-tolerant back ends for enterprise systems, complex web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, and web portals—just to name a few.
    We can also help you integrate your legacy system with third-party services and apps.

  • Cloud Infrastructure / Migration / Solutions

    We build back-end solutions with elastic computing capacity that enables your system to scale naturally with the industry’s best cloud platforms. Additionally, we help migrate your legacy back-end systems to public, private, or hybrid clouds.

  • Technical Back-end Audit

    To help you optimize your existing application or migrate a legacy system to a new environment, we can perform a thorough back-end audit, identify bottlenecks, and revamp your infrastructure, architecture, codebase, and data schemas.

  • Mobile App Back-end Development

    We create back ends for enterprise mobile apps, smart devices, multimedia solutions, and social networks. Our back-end development team will handle your app’s server and business logic and make sure all the data is synced across platforms. Our back end ensures fast performance and secure data storage. It will scale on demand and integrate with third-party services.

  • IoT Back Ends

    We build IoT back-end systems that let you manage your IoT devices. These systems collect signals from connected devices, create reports, and offer valuable insights. With our help, you can enhance workflows and boost efficiency.

What You Get


Latest Tech

We ensure smooth backend development for each solution by using advanced, battle-tested technologies and carrying out constant architecture and tech refinement in concert with load testing.


End-to-end Security

Our back-end solutions come protected with the most reliable mechanisms (ensuring data protection both in-transit and at-rest) and can securely transmit data between heterogeneous components of your systems or apps.



Softeq teams build expandable backend solutions that scale naturally according to your business needs.

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.Net and Java for Enterprise Backends

We use tried and tested .NET and Java as the backbone of your solution.

Using these dependable technologies, our team crafts scalable distributed systems, and architects reliable and maintainable data-intensive applications that match the key goals of your business and ensure its efficiency.

Mean Stack & Node.Js Development for SPA

Using MongoDB with NoSQL data schema and Node.js development aptitude, we build event-driven web back ends and real-time communication applications.

In doing this, we shift a great piece of logic to a highly interactive rich JavaScript client, ensuring its flexibility through asynchronous input/output.

Full-cycle Back-end Development

Our team posses extensive two-decade experience in back-end software development, back-end application development, as well as mobile app back-end development and back-end system integration.