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  • Back-end Web Development

    Back-end Web Development

    Softeq boasts web development prowess honed over the years of real-life solutions delivery. Our back end developers are set to create for client companies full-fledged standalone server-side apps, take on the development of a set of APIs, and assist with API integration undertakings to connect exisiting solutions to multiple external services that provide access to data and content from pre-built functionality.


    REST API Gateways for Mobile

    To ensure that the process of querying multiple data sources doesn’t slow down mobile app operation, and allow for smooth and quick expansion of front-end options for enterprise mobility, Softeq develops reusable RESTful API layers. They will serve as a single entry point and a proxy for communication of all clients with back-end services, fanning out requests for both HTML5/JS and native APIs and providing orchestration for interaction with the services.

  • Connectors for M2M/IoT

    Back-end Connectors for M2M/IoT

    To enable processing and analysis of multiple heterogeneous sensor signals from machines and connected devices, Softeq’s back-end developers will create ETL solutions and smart data access tools that will capture and then feed this information into your application. We’ll provide you with all the necessary instruments to meet your workflow, operational, industrial and home automation needs.

  • Back-end Reengineering

    Back-end Reengineering

    The Softeq team will provide professional assistance with application redesign endeavors. Our software architects, programmers and data engineers will review the entire infrastructure powering a solution — code, structure and data schemas — and will help you work out the way to optimize back ends of existing applications or migrate already functioning systems to a new environment.

Setting up Your Back-end Systems
for Lasting Success


The Softeq team will help you hammer out the right infrastructure option to house your back-end solution (from cloud IaaS providers and pricing models vetting to the use of load balancers, CDNs for optimal app performance, and more). Our DevOps engineers will set up an environment for smooth software delivery and further infrastructure changes. We’ll thrash out a solution that will make for reduced maintenance costs and successful operation of your system in the future.


Software architects on our back-end team will carefully think out what architecture will work best for your solution, factoring in a growth momentum into right-now business efficiency. Softeq will design robust architectures for modern web, mobile and complex connected systems, allowing for their smooth horizontal scaling and integration with other services (be it a distributed microservices-based architecture, enterprise SOA, event-driven workflows or a light and nimble API-powered mobile back end).

Data Structure

Data is the cornerstone of any digital solution, and meaningful data is the king. Softeq’s web development specialists focus on thorough data engineering to enable efficient data mining and data exchange at the server side of your solution. We’ll choose the best-suited data schema, integrate information from various sources and write complex queries to help your company efficiently glean information that will become the foundation for all your analytical activities and more.

App Backend Development: Tech Options

MEAN stack & Node.js Development for SPAs

Using MongoDB with NoSQL data schema and Node.js development aptitude, we’ll build event-driven web back-ends and real-time communication applications, and shift a great deal of logic to a highly interactive rich JavaScript client, ensuring its flexibility through asynchronous input/output.

Single-page application development services

Java/.NET for Enterprise Back-end Services

We’ll use seasoned .NET and Java as a backbone for your solution. Our team will craft resilient distributed SOA-systems, complex EDA workflows, SOAP Web services or message-oriented middleware layers for interaction of multiple enterprise system components. Softeq will design a solution structure to match the key goals of your business and ensure its efficiency.

Our enterprise web development capabilities

C# from Client to Server for Xamarin Apps

C# at the heart of both platform-specific and shared code of Xamarin-powered apps can be applied further to extend the apps functionality at the back end. Softeq’s engineers will reuse existing .NET libraries to write shared C# application logic or leverage cloud platforms via the AWS Xamarin Mobile Services SDK or Azure App Service to quickly build cross-platform apps.

Xamarin cross-platform development expertise

PHP for Content Management Funtionality

PHP gives an opportunity to leverage proven popular content management engines present on the market. Softeq’s PHP software developers will build upon underlying functionality of these CMS systems to quickly ramp up your application capabilities and arm you with flexibility and easy-to-use dashboards that will power all your content-driven initiatives.


API-driven Mobile Back Ends

Thanks to about decade-long experience in mobile development, Softeq has in-depth understanding of how a web back-end solution should be designed to ensure the supported mobile app provides great user experience and rich functionality. Through an API-driven back-end application design relying on REST interfaces exchanging JSON data, when reasonable through application of API-first architectures and API gateways creation, we ensure not only presentation usability, but also “performance usability”. We enable a healthy data stream flow, taking the heavy lifting of application computing to the back end and leaving end-users with a graceful and lightweight mobile client.

Key Principles of Our Back-end Development Efforts

Security First: All the Way from Devices to Your Data

Softeq ensures that all sensitive data across your distributed corporate system or consumer app that ingests content from multiple sources is kept secure from unauthorized manipulation and message-level hijacks. Having in-depth knowledge of MDM/MAM principles, identity federation and access controls techniques, as well as encrypted data transfer standards, security compliance is achieved at device, application and data levels.

Efficient Data Exchange with Enterprise Systems, Smart Devices & Public Clouds

Years of software development experience under our belt give Softeq insight into the idiosyncrasies of on-the-go mobile/user interaction patterns, M2M data exchange principles, and optimal data flow design for modular web systems. The back-end structure, API formats and communication protocols implemented by Softeq will enable your users to seamlessly garner data from enterprise systems, connected devices and beyond.

Performant Client through Productive Back End & Resilient Client-Server Communication

We’ll leave nothing but simplicity and intuitive feel to the end-user, the rest will remain in the background. Softeq fine-tunes performance of your applications to the maximum with data payload optimization, caching, and intermittent connectivity tackled by data storage syncing. The job is balanced between front-end and back-end for ultimate efficiency that will guarantee high user satisfaction levels and pay-offs for your business in general.

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