Digital Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

We tap our knowledge in IIoT as well as AR/VR, ML, algorithmic data processing and visualization to help companies in Oil & Gas transition from a historically-based analog approach to a more controllable and efficient practice secured through the use of advanced digital technologies.

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Why Go Digital?

Digitalization results in better use of data, greater transparency in supply chain collaboration, better management of operational processes, and complete compliance with changing emission and workplace safety regulations.

actioning data
1% of the data collected from 300K sensors is examined (source: McKinsey)
More productivity
10bn of productivity improvements could be created in the industry (source: WEF)
safer work environment
6% estimated reduction in accidents and injuries (source: WEF)
Environmental benefits
1,300m tons reduction in CO2e emissions (source: WEF)

What We Do

Sky-Futures Ltd
Software and Technology

Softeq’s Value

Full-stack Competencies

Specialization in full-stack development: we program drivers and firmware, design and build embedded electronics, implement apps for web, desktop, and mobile under one roof.

ML Capabilities

Practical experience in Machine Learning: solutions with Machine Learning powered predictions, voice recognition and NLP, face and object recognition, as well as wearables with motion pattern recognition.

AR & VR Expertise

Implementation of AR & VR solutions since 2009: face recognition and object detection solutions, real-time metadata overlays for digital imagery and video, business and gaming mobile apps integrated with AR/VR devices.