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Software development company Services

We design and develop custom apps and software solutions — from mobile consumer apps to line-of-business corporate web applications and desktop system level utilities. To ensure the custom solution we deliver fully meets your goals we assign business analysts to every project to work on functional and user experience requirements and priorities. You will access the latest technology and field-proven tools we know how to leverage, customize, or create in order to launch an app that brings value.

Custom Hardware Engineering

If you plan on launching a new product powered by electronics or need to upgrade outdated equipment — our hardware design and embedded software development teams will help. We have schematic engineers, PCB and enclosure designers, Linux programmers and firmware developers to deliver custom hardware solutions end-to-end. Our niche knowledge covers wearable tech, motor control, sensor solutions, HMIs, automotive and connected products for the Internet of Things.

Addressing Needs of Project Stakeholders

When a new prospective customer turns to Softeq for custom software development, the most common challenge they face — how efficiently they’ll accommodate the needs of multiple project stakeholders and address their concerns:


    CFO needs to stay within the allocated budget limits to justify the expenses. CEO wants to achieve his/her business goals to keep the company profitable

  • Software Developers

    Expect a well-written code to be able to extend the solution further and integrate it with other corporate infrastructure if needed

  • Marketing department

    Have to observe the product launch timelines to expand the company’s market presence

  • Support engineers

    Want a guarantee of post-delivery solution support to be able to implement software enhancements based on user feedback

To address these concerns, we’ve elaborated a set of specific measures: multi-aspect requirements assessment, proven project management methodologies, code review, unbiased QA, tailored support packages and more.

Balancing Cost, Time, and Quality

To achieve the optimal balance between cost, time, and quality when providing custom software development company services, we keep in mind the project management triangle:

It’s important that multiple project stakeholders agree on the project priorities in terms of the expected time, potential cost and quality indicators. Should the decision-makers have contradictory views on any of the three parameters, Softeq’s experts are ready to step in with a fact-based project rationale: we’ll justify the technology choice, substantiate the time and resource utilization, zoom into a negative impact of the available options, if any. You’ll have all the data and arguments necessary to defend the suggested approach and make an informed decision.

Software Development Outsourcing Cost 

When a client requests a quote for custom software implementation with Softeq, they may already have an idea of how much such services may cost. This idea draws on various sources: a pro article on outsourced software development, the budget they have on hand, or past project experience with other software developers.

To assess the price tags of your target service providers, it’s important to identify a real value factored in the fees. For this, you need to do an apple-to-apple comparison — compare by the same type of service, service scope, and extra activities offered by the providers. This strategy will help you understand whether the value you get for your money is right up your valley.

Softeq's Value
Full-stack skills Suit complex end-to-end solution implementations powered by our hardware- and application-level competencies
Business analysis skills Help assess requirements feasibility to define the adequate project scope
Knowledge of solution architecture Helps transform business requirements into relevant technical solution building strategies
UX/UI principles Help create convenient, useful, and visually compelling applications
Cost of ownership The software solutions we build rely on optimal architecture and technology to be scalable, load-resistant, secure, hostable, and maintainable in terms of employed commercial or open-source tech licenses
Interdepartmental communication The DevOps principles adoption helps us build, test, and release software solutions faster, with higher quality and reliability
Software Developer maturity Our software engineers have solid background and hands-on experience of developing tech-intensive and research-driven software solutions: data-rich web systems, machine learning solutions, desktop apps with robust image processing, system level and app level desktop systems, low-level software — firmware, drivers, kernels

We help our customers get the best bang for their buck utilizing our software development services. We’ll come up with a relevant architecture, advise the future solution infrastructure, involve the right experts for the job to ensure the solution is sustainable, scalable, reliable, and has an optimal cost of ownership.


The way you engage with a software development service provider also impacts the cost. Depending on your budget, timeline, and resource utilization expectations, we‘ll suggest suitable terms for doing a project together: Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Dedicated Team or a combination of models.

Engagement Options
You know your budget, have clear solution requirements and a set project deadline Fixed Price —
You pay an agreed amount for the entire project
The cost will include all the risks identified at the requirements analysis stage
If the risk event occurs, it’s our responsibility to incur costs
Not all the risk events may occur
Your initial solution requirements may change during the project duration. You’ve no deadline pressure. Your budget may change during the project Time & Materials —
You pay for the scope you request to develop

You’re flexible in controlling the budget: request an extra feature or suspend development until you’ve a better financial standing

If you’ve a fixed budget, you may prioritize the features you’d like to develop

If you’re changing requirements too often, the development costs will rise too

If you keep the requirement changes at bay, you may save on the development

You’ve long-term engagement plans and a clear vision of how you want to utilize your professional resources Dedicated Team —
You staff a team of specialists relevant for the job

You get a team of software developers with a fixed composition and relevant skills. You’re free to manage the resources according to your business needs

Since we benefit from having a lower overhead and steady income, you’ll get a discount for utilizing the resources

You’re responsible for team workload management and task generation. The failure to do so will cause the team to sit on the bench

Assess your preferences in time, cost, and resource utilization to engage Softeq on suitable terms: set strict time and budget limitations to stay within the expected boundaries, tweak your solution requirements and delivery timelines throughout the project duration or hire a dedicated team of software engineers to work on your business priorities.

Controllable Timelines

From the initial enquiry to final delivery, we keep in mind your need to have the solution ready by a specific date or occasion. To be able to meet the deadline, we practice prompt response, all-round project scope estimation, tool-based development progress tracking, solution prototyping for from-scratch implementations, careful technology selection, close project supervision, among others.

Optimal Quality

We believe a quality solution must meet several criteria: it solves the business tasks it’s been built; this capability is realized through useful features; it’s been designed in compliance with engineering standards and conventions; and it works as was designed, as expected and bug-free. To make certain we achieve the optimal quality on all three criteria, we employ ongoing QA activities throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Softeq’s QA team works as an independent division that brings in an unbiased vision and transparency to the quality assessment process.

Post-Release Maintenance and Support

We understand how important it is for our customers to deliver useful and convenient software to the market to stay competitive and profitable. We address these challenges through special maintenance and support services aimed to fix functional inconsistencies, patch vulnerabilities, and improve system’s performance. A well-thought QA strategy along with post-release maintenance and support helps mitigate risks associated with the new software launch. Assess your future needs for solution enhancement and we’ll suggest a relevant plan: incorporate user feedback, ensure your solution against failure or malfunction caused by the operating system upgrade, and reinforce your app’s functional features.

Coherent Communication

It’s natural our clients want to keep track of their project’s progress to know everything goes as expected — problems are solved, timelines are observed, expenses are under control. To achieve this, we work so that the communication with the customer remains prompt, coherent, and transparent.

  • Always in Touch


    With our offices located in the US and Europe, we cover active business hours of the majority of our clients from San-Francisco to Tokyo. This allows us to quickly respond to our customers’ pressing queries. If you encounter a problem understanding the provided documentation or delivered functionality, we’ll organize a video call to walk you through the process.

  • Traceable Progress


    We use Confluence — a team collaborative software. It stores project assets, enables giving context-based feedback, and iterating an issue until it’s finalized. The Jira issue and project management system provides a clear picture of the project’s progress — where we are now, how much we’ve done so far, what we aim to accomplish next.

  • Local Footprint


    We want to be as accessible as possible. Visit us onsite in our headquarters in Houston (TX), our customer-facing office in Grassbrun (Munich area) or in our Development Center in Minsk, to discuss your project idea, get to know our collaboration process, or address any concerns about managing your project remotely.

  • Domestic Knowledge


    Thanks to close cooperation with our clients and frequent visits to their sites, we’ve garnered first-hand knowledge of the local business. We will assign to your project a solution visionary or business analyst who has relevant industry or domain knowledge so that you discuss requirements sharing the same perspective.

    To ensure Softeq’s team and the client are on the same page regarding the work in progress, we foster an efficient and transparent communication process. By staying responsive, traceable, as well as business-wise and culturally engaged, we secure a productive and collaborative environment.

    Focus on Productivity

    We aim at establishing long-term and trustful relationships with our clients. The principles of balanced cost, time, and quality along with coherent communication help us keep the focus on productivity. It’s realized through a range of dedicated activities — prompt response time; flexible working hours; efficient work progress and performance tracking tools; tailored engagement terms and post-release support; as well as onsite presence in the US and Europe.

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