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Whether you want to build a SaaS app, create a cloud infrastructure, or need to upgrade your legacy IT system, our vast expertise in building and maintaining cloud solutions makes us the right partner for the job.

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Cloud Services We Offer

  • Cloud Application Development

    We build all types of cloud-based solutions: cloud-native apps, hybrid apps, custom software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) components.

  • IoT Cloud-based Solutions

    Leveraging the power of Azure IoT Hub, Amazon IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT services, we develop solutions that enable fast and secure communication between IoT applications and the devices they manage.

  • Cloud Optimization

    We will review your cloud environment to help you evaluate your app/system and provide recommendations on how to optimize its total cost of ownership. Also, we will optimize the cloud architecture, enhance the solution’s availability and uptime to maximize ROI.

  • Cloud Integration

    To improve your app speed, security and scalability, we will plug it into major cloud computing services: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. If needed, we will customize or refactor your app prior to the integration. What is more, we will create a hybrid environment where on-premise and cloud-based software systems work in synс, thus ensuring their data integrity, as well as faster and safer operations.

  • Migration to the Cloud

    We can help move legacy solutions to public, hybrid and private clouds. Standard in this process, we perform system/app inventory, code analysis, risk assessments, as well as elaborate a thorough migration plan that guarantees minimal, or zero migration downtime.

What You Get

Agility, Flexibility, and Scalability

We create cloud-based solutions that can be easily customized and configured according to your business processes, as well as scaled up and down to adapt to your business growth or meet your current budget objectives.


Ultimate Security

Our expert team ensures all your data is properly encrypted and secured in real-time, anywhere in the cloud and across all your cloud apps, services, and systems. We also develop both cloud and on-premise environments to guarantee full security of your data.


Efficiency and Cost Reduction

With the Softeq cloud app development service, you will get a fully-fledged cloud solution, which will allow you to save on purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware, utilities, and facilities as well as building and operating your own data centers.

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Cloud Computing as a Path to Digital Transformation

Whether you need to turn a legacy application into a set of independent services or analyze sensor data produced by a molding machine, you need a team of cloud application development experts to accomplish the task. As part of our Digital Transformation services, we help companies capture, aggregate, and interpret sensor data, and manage IT infrastructures efficiently.

From Traditional Cloud to Fog and Edge Computing

Cloud computing plays a pivotal role in IoT solution development. However, the amount of data traversing the network may affect an IoT solution’s response time and server costs. When it makes more sense to store and process data locally, our cloud development team will implement fog or edge computing architectures based on AWS and Azure services.