Embedded Systems Development

Softeq engineers complex embedded systems that combine hardware and user interfaces with powerful software, connectivity, and proximity technologies. We cover the full embedded systems development cycle: from product strategy, design, and system development to implementing embedded integrations, testing, and user experience.

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Build bare metal systems, DSP solutions, RTOSs, board bring-up, low-power designs, boot loaders, and more.

Whether you are looking for embedded solutions to connect devices within an IoT system, remotely control devices and equipment, or gather and process sensor data, our embedded engineers can help. We cover:

  • Bare metal firmware for sensors
  • Board support package (BSP) solutions
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) development
  • Android open-source projects (AOSP)
  • Linux kernel development

Tie together the parts of your IoT system and make them work as one. Bridge the legacy component gap.

You may need embedded development if you want to connect disparate elements into a single system. Those elements may include hardware from different vendors, third-party services, and different operating systems. In any case, we know how to make them work together. To ensure interaction, we use:

  • Device drivers
  • SDKs
  • AI-based middleware
  • Code optimization services
  • 3D party solution porting
  • Project rescue services

Manage connected devices and IoT systems, process the collected sensor data, and obtain actionable insights.

As part of our embedded systems development service, we help businesses optimize the performance of their consumer and industrial IoT solutions, efficiently manage workflows, enhance the security of their data, and get advanced reporting mechanisms. We develop:

  • IoT apps
  • Media streaming software
  • Cloud gateways
  • Human–machine interfaces (HMI)
  • Smart sensors

We build all aspects of HMI development: hardware and software, graphical user interfaces, web and cloud infrastructures.

As an embedded software development company, we develop HMI solutions of any type and complexity. We build basic products, like machine command panels or data visualization software. We also develop complex ecosystems for our clients, setting up multimedia, networking capabilities, and other advanced features. Our team works with:

  • Healthcare HMI systems
  • HMI solutions for equipment control and calibration
  • Industrial robotics systems
  • Automotive infotainment solutions
  • Software solutions for digital signal processing
  • Navigation app development and integration

Hook up with Bluetooth development, Wi-Fi, IoT WANs, LPWAN, and Cellular Solutions for secure, low-power, and stable operation.

We design and develop hardware components and apps that enable secure data exchange over a reliable connection that lasts. This applies both to IoT systems and the connected devices. Within our embedded software development services, we work with:

  • Bluetooth and BLE app development
  • Personal devices with Wi-Fi, WANs, LPWAN or cellular network connectivity
  • Smart homes
  • Industrial connectivity solutions

Connect with devices and apps driven by RFID, NFC, beacon, infrared, and laser technologies.

Our embedded development services also bring the benefits of proximity technologies to the table. Now, you can collect data of all types, like micro-location and contextual details. Proximity data may help optimize stock management, customer services, in-store marketing, and staff management. We do:

  • Custom firmware and drivers
  • Proximity hardware design: beacons, NFC readers, RFID tags
  • App development to leverage iBeacon, beacons, and other sensing tech
  • Web systems for solution orchestration

Featured Projects

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Industry Experience

Consumer Electronics

From wearables and IoT devices to smart homes and advanced security systems—we foster end-user experience with solutions built with the latest embedded technologies. Softeq has two decades of in-house expertise in developing consumer electronics based on bare metal, BSP, RTOS, DSP, AOSP, and other technologies.


Softeq offers embedded development as part of sports tech projects. We work on solutions that improve training and prevent injury, including projects for professional sports, fitness, and rehabilitation. To track and analyze physical performance, we build wearables. Depending on the project, we equip devices with different connectivity solutions—RFID, GPS/GIS, or Bluetooth. For more in-depth analysis, we may add advanced tools like computer vision.


Softeq provides full-cycle embedded systems development services for healthcare institutions as well as companies that produce healthcare equipment. We develop storage solutions, hardware, firmware, and middleware components for medical devices and wearable sensor systems for collecting and processing health data.


Our team provides full-cycle embedded development for automotive embedded systems. We build in-vehicle solutions like HMIs, system and ADAS controllers, and connectivity mechanisms, as well as off-board software for fleet management, remote vehicle diagnostics, and cloud-based data management.

Media & Entertainment

As part of our embedded solutions development services, we craft media players, media processing and streaming tools, software for content compression and protection, and media storage solutions.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our embedded software development services help businesses win big. We can improve your daily routine with improved asset tracking and power control. If you envisage more innovative scenarios, Softeq is up to the challenge. We help automate workflows on the factory floor and improve safety at work.

How We Work


We collect and process your embedded system project requirements, undertaking comprehensive research and analysis at the early stages to mitigate project risks. Before you commit, you’ll know all the facts through estimation and planning.

Rough System Design

We help you choose an operating system, third-party libraries, and frameworks, and determine and partition hardware and software components. You’ll get to review the final blueprint before it’s passed on to our embedded development team.

Development & Implementation

Our embedded system development services include:

  • Hardware and device driver development, as well as board bring-up
  • Developing secure bootloaders for the custom hardware
  • BSP development, including RTOS, Linux, and other operating system porting

Next, we implement:

  • Third-party software package porting or middleware and protocol stacks
  • Software development tool setup and configuration
  • Firmware design, coding, and testing
  • Design and software architecture review and testing
  • Continuous integration, deployment, configuration, and embedded system management.


We bring all the embedded system components together, testing entire embedded systems to ensure they work as a whole and comply with all your project specifications.


We perform comprehensive QA and debugging as a part of our embedded development. Our product and system testing practices ensure that the code is clean, readable, and well-commented. Only after that is it ready for final delivery.

Maintenance and Support

We monitor and manage your system performance 24/7. If any bugs arise, we can fix them immediately and add any new functionality upon request. This is an important part of embedded software development services. 

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Chris Howard Founder and CEO, Softeq
Why Softeq?

Decades of Experience

We are a team of seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in hardware, firmware and embedded application development, as well as profound practical knowledge of a wide range of industries.


End-to-end Development

Softeq provides full-cycle development — from initial analysis, requirements management, hardware and PCB design, enclosure design, and rapid prototyping, to implementation, ongoing support, and continuous improvements.


Transparency and Communication

We guarantee total transparency into the process and progress of your project. Whether we are using Agile, Kanban, RUP, or Waterfall engagement, you’ll be able to maintain very close communication with Product Managers and Development Leads, while getting access to detailed documentation, regular reporting and project management software tools.


Quality Control

Our QA department participates in the development process from the earliest stages to ensure comprehensive testing coverage and accurate quality assessment.

How Can We Help?

R&D Initiatives

With a focus on R&D, Softeq embedded software engineers go far and wide when exploring the breadth of capabilities and fields of application for the next generation of industry hallmarks, identifying potential pockets of growth for our customers.

We also offer R&D projects within our embedded software development services. Here’s an example of our work: we tried and tested ways to port custom hardware platforms to Android. The aim was to make proprietary devices work with products running on top of the Android OS. Another example is game development. Our engineers wanted to achieve a more immersive experience for gamers. They did so by integrating motion controllers and other dimension technologies.

QA Labs

Quality assurance of embedded systems is also available as a separate service for our clients. We provide testing and debugging for a range of embedded solutions.

To craft efficient, resilient, and infallible software, we’ve established two focused QA labs: our Firmware & Embedded QA Lab and our Mobile QA Lab. These are applicable during unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing.