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We Create Devices Employing These Proximity Technologies

  • iBeacons & Beacons
  • RFID Tags
  • Infrared & Laser Emitters
  • NFC
  • Optical RFID
  • Sensors

Embracing Each Stage of iBeacon Development Process

With years of demonstrable experience both in the hardware design and software development space, Softeq delivers full-scale solutions, helping companies that aim to innovate and optimize their business processes at any or each of the stages of the proximity solutions engineering process, including the development of:

  • Custom Firmware Development for Beacon devices

    Custom Firmware
    Functionality & Drivers

    With about two decades of cumulative knowledge of system software development, and high-level solutions for human-computer interaction, we are set to create drivers, firmware and embedded software for devices, employing Bluetooth 5.0 Smart technology, NFC or other proximity communication means to align performance of such devices with clients’ business needs. Softeq will take on the development of low-level solutions for your company’s custom-built devices that will drive your proximity-based initiatives.

  • iBeacon Hardware Development

    Proximity Hardware Design: Beacons,
    NFC Readers, RFID Tags & More

    To give our clients solutions that add innovative power to their business, we skillfully handle pioneering projects related to hardware transmitters and sensing devices based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMs), optical signals, and magnetic fields.

    Softeq is an official member of Apple MFi program and an iBeacon developer licensed to help companies build iBeacon compatible hardware that beams BLE signal and smoothly converses with all Apple devices and accessories.

  • iBeacon App Development - Mobile Apps

    App Development to Leverage iBeacon, beacon & other Sensing

    Softeq’s service offering in the proximity solutions area is not limited to hardware design and embedded software for nearables. We get off the mark with beacon-related projects at the low level and bring them to a close with apps that reside on end-users’ devices and communicate with iBeacons, proximity readers, stickers and tags directly.

  • iBeacon Software Development for Orchestration through the Web

    Web Systems for Solution Orchestration

    Complementing embedded solutions, Softeq developers can push your proximity sensing ventures forward to the web level, creating a full-fledged solution ecosystem at one place. From smart home to smart enterprise and beyond, Softeq aids business visionaries in harnessing data about real-world physical objects, and making this data a backbone for actionable decisions.

Empowering You on the Hardware Design Side

Whether you are looking to get BLE-enabled hardware bundled with other transmitters and sensors (temperature, motion, sound, vibration etc.), or aim to turn a transmitter into a smart accessory fitting the size of a keychain or a tiny RFID tag, or the plan is to create a proximity-based device wrapped into an offbeat casing and transformed into creative embellishment with LED lights, Softeq can help.

To leverage communication with other smart objects and electronics in the vicinity, Softeq builds both single-purpose proximity transmitters, NFC reader, RFID tags, and BLE-enabled devices (using iBeaconTM, AltBeacon, URIBeacon or Eddystone specifications), and custom proximity modules as part of multi-purpose device development endeavors.

Carefully selecting between passive, active or battery-assisted passive tags, adapting enclosure for the usage in certain environments or harsh conditions, thoroughly choosing device components, we come up with a working prototype or the entire set of deliverables pivotal for setting up the production of your solution.

Firmware Development: the Right Caliber Performance for Your Beacon Devices

When the exigencies of your business demand more than off-the-shelf iBeacons, Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and other smart objects can offer, Softeq has the right make of development skills to address the issue. The Softeq team develops low-level solutions that allow extending standard characteristics of a BLE-enabled hardware and tweaking capabilities of transmitting/emitting modules. We can help you tune anything from microcontroller memory to BLE smart module performance, including:

  • Optimizing memory size and extending storage capacity
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Minimizing overlapping of BLE-device coverage
  • Tweaking adaptive frequency hopping
  • Extending core functionality by adding extra connectivity options
  • Enhancing signal strength and range
  • Increasing the size of an advertisement packet in PDU
  • Configuring advertising intervals
  • Adjusting broadcasting power
  • Tuning geolocation capabilities (broadcasting of UUID with the Major and Minor values)

Software Development: End-user Apps at the Helm

Mobile: Creating Manageability

Data and signals from proximity devices remain meaningless, unless they are translated for human users or can be managed in a relevant way. We’ll put the finishing touches on your proximity project and develop a mobile app to manipulate such devices, observe signals from smart objects in the vicinity, and provide users with context based on the server response triggered by proximity sensing. Softeq has hands-on experience in this field, building apps beyond retail, which includes asset tracking, smart logistics, indoor navigation solutions, contactless mobile payments, RTLS, and more.

Web: Driving People Actions

To manage your entire fleet of beacons and other sensing objects, push personalized content to mobile users’ devices and get insights about user behavior, the Softeq web team will engineer content management solutions, analytics and reporting systems, as well as web dashboards. They will empower you with user-friendly interfaces to administer the content delivery process and make proximity system orchestration a breeze. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help!

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