Vision, Mission, and Values

Changes start in a company that has the right people and a growth mindset. Softeq brings together 400+ creators and technologists who have been crafting reliable solutions with lasting value for 25+ years. We’re unstoppable in finding the best way to turn your bold vision into a big success story that spans borders and time zones.

Company Vision


Softeq is a global consulting, software engineering, and R&D company, trusted by innovative customers to address their complex technical challenges.

We provide the full cycle of innovation services.

Technology business consulting and digital transformation
Solution and product ideation, acceleration, and prototyping
Software, firmware, and hardware development and support

We operate
as a privately owned, geographically distributed company, uniting various locations and teams by common business processes, management practices, culture, and values.
We grow
as a profitable, sustainable business by focusing on clients’ needs and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships, supporting and guiding our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their solutions and products.

Company Mission


01 commitment (master)1-2

We commit to design, develop, and deliver complex smart solutions on time and on budget using a creative and result-oriented approach

02 innovation (master)2
We are highly innovative, and enjoy engineering new and meaningful solutions that make the world better
03 collaboration (master)3

We collaborate as partners, learning and working together as one team. We play nice with other

04 trust (master)4

We approach our work based on trust and a win-win mindset

05 empathy (master)5

We have empathy for our Customers and understand their needs. We care for our Employees and provide a positive work environment with challenging, impactful projects. We support our Community by investing our time and resources

Company Values


For us, trust is the foundation of a successful relationship. So we do everything it takes to build it. We value honesty and expect the same. We’re transparent, yet use discretion when needed. We feel safe enough to be around each other and around our partners and clients, to show vulnerability.


We’re sensitive to other people’s thoughts and feelings: their needs, opinions, inner drivers, challenges, business values, and goals. We listen, aim to understand, and act on them. We’re open to change, share perspectives, make decisions, and improve the way we work to make our relationships better.


We foster team spirit, be it in an internal collaboration or a client project. We define rules and processes together and then respect them. We put on a partner hat—get engaged, provide support, ideate, and share knowledge and experience to achieve common goals.


We honor our obligations and keep our word by putting in the talent, skills, energy, and sincere effort. We combine hard work with a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. We hold ourselves accountable for getting things done so that we meet or exceed expectations.


We’re constant learners, soaking up the latest tech trends. This helps us forge an inspiring environment for creativity. This way, we bring relevant knowledge and skills to each project. We think outside the box. We’re not afraid to experiment, try new methods, and adapt them to specific needs and goals.

The Teqie Handbook
Despite diverse cultural backgrounds, sharing and practicing the same values is what unites and connects us across the continents. We invite you to explore and “try on” the core principles Softeq teqies live by, and see for yourself if you’re ready to be part of this like-minded community.
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