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We deliver media content processing, distribution, and conferencing products for both business and entertainment. Our solutions are designed to securely distribute media content to target destinations, provide insight into users’ habits and behavior, deliver personalized content in real time or on demand and enable face-to-face communication and collaboration.

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We build robust back ends for real-time or on-demand processing and storage, which means our projects can capture, identify and analyze objects.

This is achieved through:

  • Thought-out, scalable solution architecture featuring high availability and fault tolerance
  • Adaptive streaming across any screen for HQ video playback without buffering delays
  • Integrated audience analytics, Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) measurement tools
  • Interactive second screen apps with social features, T-commerce functionality, live chatting and loyalty programs for greater viewer engagement
  • Built-in targeted dynamic ad insertion solutions, premium subscription plans, video rental and purchase functionality

To improve collaboration between members of a distributed team and organize efficient virtual meetings, we create video conferencing systems or chat applications.

Designed as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, our apps will support high-quality video streaming and have all the necessary tools for managing a meeting — whiteboard, file-sharing and screen sharing functionality. For this, we will:

  • Implement low-latency signaling for peer discovery and connection, real-time communication, and exchange of audio, video, and files
  • Process audio and video streams to continuously adjust for quality to avoid latency from fluctuating bandwidth
  • Ensure communication security under global industry standards
  • Integrate the product with existing IT resources: telephony endpoints, VPN networks, video surveillance systems, and more

We know how to craft Smart TV apps that will engage your viewers and attract new audiences.

If you’re aiming to integrate a TV app into a connected Smart Home ecosystem, add interactivity to the TV, and monetize your video content with accurate and efficient custom tools, we will come up with a tailored solution, which will:

  • Capture and redistribute video content to the platform of your choice, while supporting seamless device switching along with live and on-demand streaming
  • Equip you with monetization tools, ranging from ad insertion to SVOD/AVOD/TVOD revenue models
  • Integrate a Smart TV app with voice assistants, mobile apps, and other connected devices
  • Introduce additional services: live events, on-demand media archives, 24/7 streams

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Building Secure Load-resistant Multi-participant Architectures

Softeq has a way with digital media distribution systems, ranging from mobile and web-based corporate video conferencing solutions to content delivery software, and online media portals. Our systems are designed with multiple user needs in mind — content providers, advertising partners, and end-users. They are managed through a secure authorization and authentication process, integrated with custom content distribution dashboards and interactive client portals, as well as third-party systems.

Streamlining HD Video to Multiple Screens

Softeq artfully blends its knowledge of mobile and web technologies to craft Smart TV solutions, including OTT and IPTV app development. Our solutions are optimized for mobile video streaming, game consoles, tablets and other devices interfacing with the system. We make sure our digital content distribution solutions deliver high-quality digital media content that looks equally compelling on various devices and with various connection speeds.