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Unrivaled Video Content Mixed with Clockwork Performance

When possible ways of video streaming and media content distribution are no longer persistent as vantage points, actual quality of delivered video and rich functionality of video services are pushed to the forefront of the agenda. Having an unbeatable blend of multi-layered tech expertise onboard, Softeq helps content providers, cable operators, telecom companies and businesses stay in the vanguard in their niche with best-in-class well-optimized, secure and load-resistant streaming media solutions.

Softeq exploits the best in tech and media industry to help its clients kindle the interest of ever exigent audiences with compelling video content, and get them glued to video service with an unparalleled blend of crisp HD quality, multiple infotainment options, and uninterrupted streaming.

Developing Multiway Media Streaming Solutions

Softeq possesses multifaceted development practice that takes in mobile, web, middleware, and system levels to successfully implement varied video service scenarios — deliver broadcasts from TV head-ends or VoD platforms to set-top boxes and connected device screens, including laptops, PCs, mobile handhelds, game consoles; or, alternatively, capture digital signals from satellite TV channels and stream them to the web, letting our clients choose either or all of these servicing models:

  • Web-to-TV
  • TV Everywhere
  • Web-to-Web
  • Live Streaming
  • Time-Shifted Streaming
  • Video on Demand
  • IPTV
  • OTT
  • Smart TV

Augmented Engagement & Interactivity with Dual-screen Experience

Being well-grounded in mobile app development and tech software, and knowing pivotal characteristics of social community functionality, Softeq extends home entertainment systems beyond just simple TV experience complementing it by a second screen that can serve either as a remote control for a wirelessly connected TV set or as an enabler of socially-infused experience of watching a favorite TV show.

Yielding the Power of Hardware of Connected Devices

With years of experience in firmware development, Softeq is set out to unlock hardware potential of home network devices, bring out idle capabilities of handhelds, and optimize performance of home infrastructure devices, home gateways, and HDMI connectors by developing drivers for them, thus reducing unjustified RAM overuse, eliminating buffer underrun, achieving low-latency, and enough bus bandwidth to ensure that nothing hinders video content consumption.

Fine-tuned Digital Content Distribution

With solid knowledge of streaming protocols and encoding technologies, Softeq applies adaptive bitrate streaming techniques to create video solutions that offer personalized viewing experience geared for individual receiving device capabilities and bandwidth capacity. Softeq builds solutions that stream media content without any packet losses or delays, and adapt quality of video to a host of heterogeneous devices getting IP-delivered content.

Game-in Video & In-car Infotainment

These days when video is being pushed to most unconventional screens, game consoles and in-car infotainment systems are alternative endpoints that amplify entertainment opportunities. With game competence in Softeq’s portfolio and a record of innovative projects testing the ground of nascent technologies, our company is game for porting video streaming experience to game consoles and in-car settings.

Building Secure Load-Resistant Multi-participant Architectures

Softeq has a way with enterprise web systems, data flow principles, and middleware development to enable complex IP video solutions — with an access for multiple participants from content providers to advertising partners and end-users, which is managed through a secure authorization and authentication process, with custom dashboards for video content management, interactive client portals, and safe integration with numerous third-party systems.

Streaming HD Video to
Multiple Screens

Softeq artfully blends the knowledge of mobile and web technologies to implement OTT, IPTV and Smart TV solutions optimized for mobile video streaming, HDTVs, game consoles, tablets and other devices “plugged” into the system. We ensure our clients get solutions that stream high-quality video that looks compelling on devices with different form factors and gives end-users the savor of a high-end video content offering.

Interactive Video Conferencing for E-learning, Healthcare & Corporate Environment

Being strong on implementation of video solutions and having experience in e-learning, healthcare, and enterprise web domains, Softeq skillfully enriches the power of IP video packet transmissions with interactive whiteboard features, file-sharing, and screen sharing functionality, IM chats, and more, to transform pure video streams into full-scale conferencing solutions.

On the Technical Side of Streaming and Video Asset Management

Softeq is armed with the best technologies, tools and techniques that tech industry has to offer to media domain, and seeks to employ the best combination of them to ensure that an end solution aligns with clients needs and expectations, and lures a numerous community of viewers to your product. Here is what our team has at the disposal:

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Media Streaming Clients & Frameworks MPlayer, VLC media player, Winamp, XBMC, GStreamer, XMMS, MediaMonkey, Total Recorder, QuickTime, Media Foundation, Phonon
Video Codecs H.264, VP8
Audio Codecs MP3, Vorbis, AAC
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming
Routing Schemes Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast
Container Bitstream MP4, FLV, WebM, ASF, ISMA
Streaming Media Systems Windows Media Services, VLC Media Player, Unreal Media Server, PeerCast, IIS Media Services, Icecast, Helix Universal Server, Helix DNA Server, Flash Media Server, EvoStream Media Server
CDN & Server Implementations Akamai Technologies, Amazon CloudFront, CacheFly, CDNetworks, EdgeCast Networks, Highwinds Network Group, Incapsula, Internap, Level 3 Communications, Limelight Networks, MaxCDN, MetaCDN, OnApp, OVH, Rackspace Cloud Files, Windows Azure CDN, Aryaka, Cisco Systems, EdgeCast Networks, Helix Universal Server, Limelight Networks, Nginx with the RTMP Module
Standards DVB-T, DVB-T2, DLNA
Network Architectures UPnP, UPnP AV
Programming Languages & Frameworks C, C++, C#, Java, .NET

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