Innovation is the Engine that Drives Us

Innovation is not just about early-stage ideation. It's about creating novel solutions throughout the entire development process. We drive innovation into every stage of a project. And we offer complete end-to-end solutions from idea generation to production-ready designs all under one roof. This makes things simpler for you, reduces risk, and removes the complexity of managing multiple teams.

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Our Proven Process: 6 Steps to Success

Qualify the Opportunity

We work with our prospects and clients to assess the situation and determine if we're properly qualified and staffed to develop a solution.

Assess the Stage

Through initial information gathering conversations, we'll determine the current stage of the opportunity as measured against the Softeq Innovation Engine (see Stage 0 to 6 below).

Engage the Right Consultants

We make sure to engage the Softeq consultants with the right experience to achieve the best result possible for prospects and clients.

Develop the Proposal

Once we have a clear understanding of the problem, we'll develop and present a proposed course of action with clear deliverables, timelines, and costs, if appropriate.

Close the Business Deal

Softeq offers a variety of ways we can work together and different divisions to handle unique business needs. We'll formalize our arrangement and sign a deal that works for all parties.

Spin Up the Engine

Once we have a formal business arrangement we'll begin our engagement with the right team at the right stage of innovation. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting client relationships and repeat customers who come to us at every stage of building new technology. 

Softeq Innovation Engine

Stage 0
Innovation & Ideation
Stage 1 & 2
Needs Assessment & Solution Discovery
Stage 3
Prototyping & R&D
Stage 4
Design & Specification
Stage 5
Development & Testing
Stage 6
Production & Support