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Full-cycle Desktop Software Development Service

A multi-facet area of expertise with roots in hardware design, UI and front-end implementation, as well as web technologies — several of Softeq’s core competencies we consider to be our true differentiators — desktop software creation neatly slots into a full-cycle development routine. Auxiliary services may also include desktop apps re-engineering and migration into web.

  • Desktop Technologies

    Desktop Technologies

    • .NET
    • Xamarin.Mac
    • Qt
    • UWP/Universal Windows Platform
    • JavaFX
    • Unity
    • Win32 and COM
    • Azure
    • KDE
    • X11
    • Electron/JavaScript

  • Application Types

    Desktop Application Types

    • Standalone business apps
    • Client-server apps
    • Collaborative applications
    • Desktop games
    • Utilities and plug-ins
    • System apps and services
    • Multimedia apps
    • Network apps

Bringing Web Sophistication to Your Desktop

With demand for accessing the required content anytime, anywhere surging, having a desktop application that also supports content synchronization, instant access to the file system, and asset download provides an added advantage. Harnessing web technologies while capitalizing on the security of the desktop environment avails a two-way approach to creating protected, reliable, fast-performing desktop applications talking to a user through a sophisticated UI.

Hardware to Software Operation: Bridging the Communication Gap

Those solution providers who are aware of the drastic impact the inconsistency between hardware and software may make, are likely to take extra effort in supplying a quality desktop solution along their CPU, motherboard, GPU or any other hardware component designed to work with software. Whether you require a sensor-driven solution to talk to a software app developed from the ground-up or you’ve an enterprise-grade internal tool that needs to be functionally enhanced to feel lean across devices and secure more targeted configuration and management, Softeq makes a reliable partner. With practical skills in C++, which employs a powerful set of libraries enabling efficient implementations of frequently used operation; such advanced frameworks as Qt, Xamarin, .NET that significantly reduce the development turnaround time, our team makes desktop solution development a breeze.

  • System Level

    System Level Desktop Development

    Softeq is particularly strong sourcing its hardware-level expertise when developing drivers, system services and other software, which is expected to interface with the operating system to make it connect with various devices and sensors. They include vibration, optical, and lighting sensors, as well as networking peripherals. On the system level, we work with multiple interfaces, including USB, PCI, I/O and others.

  • Application Level

    Application Level Desktop Development

    Softeq’s team is capable of implementing both compact desktop apps and logic-rich enterprise-scale desktop solutions. Leveraging the OS power, we deliver native apps for Windows, including Windows 10, Linux and MacOS along with cross-platform applications on Qt and JavaFX that demonstrate excellent performance and have a great usability regardless of the target screen or device.

Extending Solution’s Capabilities with Plug-ins

Does your flagship product require a unique function, which doesn’t come with a pre-built set of features? Are you looking to automate specific business processes to dedicate the time, effort, and financial resources to more pressing entrepreneurial activities? Whether you aim to extend the capabilities of a graphic tool or professional engineering system, multimedia application, image processing software, project management system, among others, developing a plug-in for your solution could be an optimal choice. Softeq’s development track record showcases a heap of projects focused on integration of major platform SDKs with 3rd party solutions, as well as platform-specific system software development experience, which are essential for crafting software components of this kind.

Device’s Little Helpers: Utilities

Created to analyze, configure, optimize or maintain your computer in the most efficient way, utilities like disk cleaners, power savers, app uninstallers, file compressors, app launchers, driver updaters, video players, camera management apps, and various widgets are the little helpers that affect the way you operate on a device on a daily basis. Our team boasts hefty experience in standalone app implementation on such popular platforms as Windows, Mac, and Linux for desktop computers; Android, iOS, UWP for mobile devices and their custom versions specifically tailored for custom devices. We’ve tons of practical know-how in using the corresponding APIs, IDEs, SDKs, and build systems, while harnessing the potential of 3rd party libraries and frameworks.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with Libraries and SDKs

As a developer with a two-decade long track record of delivering custom software solutions to global clients, we at Softeq do appreciate the pressure put on solution providers to deliver quality product faster than the competition with lower overheads. If you’re gearing towards simplifying/automating complex processes that empower your solution’s functions and/or streamlining the way disparate technologies interface with each other, employing libraries and SDKs could be a safe bet.
At Softeq, we’re ready to contribute our library development and SDK creation experience to adapting a 3rd party software to your engineering needs, augmenting your product so that it provides for more compelling toolset and thus more rewarding developer experience, or building a suitable solution from scratch to facilitate your own implementation efforts. Such enhancements as sophisticated functionality, advertisements, push notifications, analytics processing, among others, also come with the pack. Built both for commercial projects and for our internal needs — devising along the way our own how-to’s for optimal code library maintenance and update; these reusable software chunks keep our development skills well-honed and in sync with the current industry trends.

Secure Desktop Apps for Devices

Synchronizing, managing, and updating information, files, and multimedia on your mobile device using a desktop app is one of the numerous possibilities of tapping the power of the underlying operating system. With the IoT gaining a stronger foothold, setting, controlling, enhancing compatibility, as well as updating home devices via a computer installed app is becoming as common. Softeq’s background in electrical engineering along with profound embedded system implementation experience are the cornerstone of our software development competency for creating client desktop apps communicating with devices.

Desktop Technology Proficiency

Whether you are upgrading your solution to the latest OS version, conceptualizing the next consumer market hit or developing a powerful business app from scratch, our desktop software engineers are here to help. We offer years of hands-on experience in native and cross-platform development of desktop applications on Qt, JavaFX and Xamarin for Windows and MacOS. Softeq’s unmatched technology capabilities secure rich functionality, high productivity, rewarding user experience, and seamless integration of desktop apps with enterprise solutions, office products, any kind of third-party software, devices, and web services.

  • Development Languages

    Development Languages

    • C#
    • C++
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Python

  • Development Environment

    Development Environment

    • MS Visual Studio
    • Xamarin Studio
    • Qt Creator
    • Eclipse
    • KDevelop

  • Presentation Layer

    Presentation Layer

    • QML
    • QtWidgets
    • HTML + CSS
    • WPF/XAML
    • WinForms

  • Databases

    ORMs and Databases

    • MSSQL
    • SQLite
    • Entity Framework
    • NHibernate
    • Dapper
    • MongoDB

  • Frameworks

    Frameworks and Components

    • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
    • WF (Workflow Foundation)
    • MSMQ
    • RabbitMQ
    • Caliburn.Micro
    • MVVM Light DevExpress controls
    • Telerik controls
    • Syncfusion controls
    • RestSharp
    • TWAIN
    • Qt
    • Wix Installer
    • Qt Installer framework
    • InstallShield
    • Win2d

  • Tools & Solutions

    Other Tools and Solutions

    • MS Expression Blend
    • MS SQL Server Management Studio
    • SVN
    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Atlassian JIRA
    • Atlassian Confluence

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