IoT Healthcare Solutions

Turn to Softeq to design IoT healthcare devices along with their supporting software: full-fledged operating systems, drivers, cloud-based data analytics tools, medical device interfaces, and mobile apps. Our team of experts will help you navigate the stringent healthcare security standards, including FDA, HITRUST, HIPAA, HL7, DICOM, and ISO 13485:2016.

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Healthcare IoT Solutions for Inpatient, Outpatient, and Remote Patient Care

Hospital Automation

Softeq helps hospitals make the most of their facilities, assets, and staff. Our end-to-end hospital automation systems feature:

  • Wearable devices for real-time staff and patient tracking
  • Hospital inventory management solutions based on RFID tags and BLE beacons
  • Sensor-driven climate control solutions
  • Security systems: biometric door locks, video surveillance


We’ll help you design complex telehealth solutions that facilitate doctor-patient communication and extend care delivery beyond hospital walls:

  • Wearable devices for patient rehabilitation and emergency monitoring
  • Wireless nurse call systems
  • HIPAA-compliant Alexa skills enabling real-time delivery of health data via voice interfaces

Vital Signs Monitors

Our developers create wearable and connected stationary IoT healthcare devices, which support remote and point-of-care vital signs monitoring and notify caregivers in emergencies:

  • Glucometers
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Non-contact infrared thermometers
  • Smart blood pressure cuffs
  • Hospital beds enhanced with ECG, oxygen, and motion sensors

Healthcare Analytics

We help physicians detect anomalies in both live and historical patient data. With Softeq, physicians gain a greater understanding of their patient's symptoms based on identical cases registered within the same hospital, nation, or even overseas. Our skills include:

  • Aggregating health data from IoT devices and decentralized hospital systems: EMR, EHR, PHM, medical lab software, pharmacy systems, and insurance platforms
  • Automating data analysis in the cloud using custom-trained Machine Learning models
  • Presenting insights in a concise way via cloud dashboards and desktop apps

Medication Trackers

We’ll help you build IoT-enabled medication dispensers and reminders, which track temperature-sensitive medication storage conditions and improve patient adherence:

  • Stationary and proximity-based pill dispensers for hospital and home use
  • Wearable drug-dispensing devices that monitor medication intake and automatically adjust medication doses based on a patient’s biometric and EHR data

Next Evolution of Health IoT: Moving Towards the Edge (Industry Report)

Improving virtual care and operations with connected health technologies

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Enhancing Health Data Interoperability

As a full-stack development company focussing on IoT, Softeq helps healthcare organizations and startups leverage heterogeneous medical data for technology-assisted population health management. This allows care providers to improve patient outcomes in a population affected by a certain disease through identifying and monitoring individuals within that group.

Fortifying Medical IoT Security

When designing IoT healthcare solutions, we make sure that patient data is encrypted and hack-proof — both when it's stored, and when it's transferred between the functional modules of a healthcare IT system. For this, we use certified electronic components, follow MISRA guidelines, utilize secure connectivity protocols, and implement reliable software development libraries and frameworks without documented vulnerabilities.