Digital Solutions for the Construction Industry

Softeq works with engineering and construction (E&C) companies looking to reduce equipment wear and tear and digitalize workflows. For this, we re-platform legacy back-office systems, automate site inspections with drones, and analyze data gathered from construction equipment sensors to prevent downtime.

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Why Go Digital?

The construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology — due to limited R&D budgets, inefficient knowledge transfer, weak project monitoring, and the unique nature of construction sites. 

By not implementing specific hardware and software solutions at scale, construction businesses are missing out on an opportunity to complete projects faster, ensure a safer working environment, comply with industry regulations, optimize operational expenses, and refine waste management practices.

30% Improvement in project completion time resulting from better collaboration between stakeholders (source: World Economic Forum)
15% Productivity growth driven by Digital Transformation within the construction sector (source: McKinsey)
6% Cost reduction in construction projects (source: McKinsey)
$1.6T Potential revenue created through the digitization of construction processes (source: McKinsey)

Fostering Innovation in Construction

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Engaging Workers in Digital Construction

Legacy mindset remains one of the key barriers to digitalizing the construction industry. To help our clients reskill engineering teams and reduce employee onboarding time, Softeq develops Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions: remote guidance systems, AR-based equipment manuals, and applications projecting building designs on construction drawings.

Preventing Accidents on Site

Softeq is a one-stop shop for construction companies looking to improve construction site safety. We’ll help you design digital solutions — wearable devices and sensors, in-vehicle cameras, and radar systems — that track worker location, raise the alarm when employees enter a hazardous area, and enable construction workers to report unsafe conditions to management.