Data Storage Development Services

We tap our development experience in SSD, MMC and NAND flash memory solutions, as well as visualization and testing tools, to help data storage companies bolster their R&D capabilities, minimize the cost of launching new solutions, and expand their footprint in new storage market segments.

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What We Do

Low-level Solutions

Full-stack SSD firmware development for mobile, desktop, and enterprise-level solutions:

  • SATA, NVMe, PCI Express protocols
  • Firmware system services
  • Debugging environment 
  • Manufacturing testing
  • Failure analysis
  • SSD simulation environment
low-level solution

Data Management Solutions

Software solutions for data storage, maintenance, back-up, archiving, and migration:

  • Object storage systems
  • Data migration solutions

Automated SSD Testing

Engineering of a testing infrastructure:

  • Software installation and automated test-bench deployment
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Conformance testing
  • End-to-end testing including load and performance testing
Automated SSD Testing

DevOps Support

Pre-release support of the CI system to ensure uninterrupted solution delivery, including software and hardware:

  • CI infrastructure support
  • Field engineering
DevOps Support

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Softeq’s Value

Domain Expertise in Data Storage Development

Our experience developing data storage solutions for industry giants has allowed us to hone our own development processes. We know how to mitigate risks regarding delivery times, quality, budget, and help our clients optimize development costs.


Ability to Ramp Up Teams

Softeq leverages efficient resource management techniques including a resource bench, regular skill profiling, training and certification, HR screening, and qualification roadmaps. These techniques ensure we quickly staff or ramp up project teams with engineers possessing the best-matching skillset.


Compliance with the World’s Security Standards

We have the proper legal, physical, and technical controls installed across all our locations, in line with ISO 27001 specifications. Our security framework has effective measures for protecting our client’s intellectual property.


Focus on High Product Quality

We organize turn-key test labs for automatic product testing to find bugs at the early stages of development.

Dedicated Development Center

Softeq has been active in the development of data storage solutions for years, and has already built 4 dedicated development centers (DDCs). Softeq’s DDCs comply with the client’s internal practices, proprietary methodologies, and corporate culture.


  • Identify required competency areas and qualifications
  • Plan team size and structure
  • Develop roadmap for DDC team setup


  • Setup core team
  • Setup environment and tools
  • Start knowledge transfer to the DDS’s core team


  • Start working on the task
  • Adapt knowledge as soon as possible


  • Add specialists in line with DDC roadmap
  • Share knowledge with the new members


  • Expand the team to planned size 
  • Reach maximum productivity

How Can We Help?

Post-Release Maintenance and Support

We understand how important it is for our customers to deliver useful and convenient software to the market to stay competitive and profitable.

We address these challenges through special maintenance and support services aimed to fix functional inconsistencies, patch vulnerabilities, and improve system’s performance. A well-thought 
QA strategy along with post-release maintenance 
and support helps mitigate risks associated with 
the new software launch.

Controllable Timelines

From the initial enquiry to final delivery, we keep in mind your need to have the solution ready by a specific date or occasion.

To be able to meet the deadline, we practice prompt response, all-round project scope estimation, tool-based development progress tracking, solution prototyping for from-scratch implementations, careful technology selection, close project supervision, among others.